James Bond and Lessons in Manliness

One of the most iconic men to ever grace screens is James Bond, who has been portrayed by Eon Productions since 1953. The British Secret Service agent’s style and attitude have inspired generations of manliness through his movies and novels which provide a lesson in how to live life to its fullest without fear or regret.

James Bond is a fictional character and the protagonist of Ian Fleming’s series of spy novels. He is famous for his charisma, sexual magnetism, and reports that he uses these traits in order to seduce women. His skills with women are often cited as an example of chivalry. Read more in detail here: james bond and philosophy.

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Editor’s note: In light of the release of Quantum of Solace today, AoM writer Cameron Schaefer has compiled a list of Bond’s most macho characteristics.

If you’re a male, you’ve probably fantasized of spending a day in the shoes of 007 himself, “Bond, James Bond.” The automobiles, the adventure, the gorgeous ladies, and the ludicrous espionage devices Who wouldn’t want to have a wrist-mounted dart gun on their person?

But there’s something more about Bond that appeals to us (in a macho sense). It’s not just his fashion sense or accessories that we adore; it’s the way he exemplifies so many of the attributes we respect in a guy. Confidence, strength, self-control (with one notable exception), independence, and charm, with a dash of brute power thrown in for good measure. He seems to have the whole world in his hands, yet he might just as easily hand it over.

From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, each iteration of Bond has offered men a glimpse at how to live the high life, one of refinement and grace, but far from gentle. The following are some of the lessons that any man may learn from James Bond’s life.

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1) Complete the task at hand. A guy can be trusted to fulfill the objective, no matter how difficult it may be. Anyone may begin anything, but only a few people can regularly complete it. Determination isn’t an optional aspect of masculinity, as James Bond demonstrates.

Consider the guys in your life that you admire. They’re probably folks you can rely on to do what they say. These are the individuals we look up to, emulate, and admire. How one begins the race isn’t nearly as significant to them as how one ends it. When things become tough and go wrong, they don’t give up; instead, they push themselves even harder. Bond, too, is a closer, something that all of us guys should aim towards.

2) Take control of technology. Bond is a guy who is always one step ahead of the curve. He is a master of today’s technology and devices, but never a slave to them. Bond isn’t the kind to waste hours of his day texting or wearing a Bluetooth headset all the time. Wherever Bond goes, he is completely focused on the task at hand, rather than being distracted by his Blackberry. When he needs technology, he utilizes it; when he doesn’t, he throws it away.

Technology may be a valuable asset, but, like many other things, it can quickly become something we can’t live without. As a result, it occupies a space in our lives that it has no right to occupy. Bond is the sort of guy who maintains technology in its correct place—servitude.

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3) Know Your Enemy — Like any good soldier, Bond never goes into combat without learning all there is to know about his adversary. Not just who he is, but also how he thinks, what he wants, what he fears, and how he may be used.


You don’t have to be afraid of the outcome of a hundred wars if you know your adversary and yourself. If you know yourself but not your opponent, every win will be followed by a loss. You will lose every war if you don’t recognize the adversary or yourself. Sun Tzu –

When it comes to Bond, and all men, the adversary may be extremely evident at times, while at other times they carefully conceal their true intentions. Your adversary might be a business competitor out to destroy you, or a character assassin such as an addiction, a weakness, or a character fault. In any case, knowledge is essential for success in any of these domains. Identifying your life’s opponents, understanding their ins and outs, and beating them at every step is something Bond understands, and something we all should.

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4) Dress to Kill – Being a guy means dressed properly for every occasion for generations. Suits, caps, collared shirts, and well-fitting trousers were all part of a well-dressed person’s wardrobe. It became appropriate for a guy to leave the home in baggy sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a baseball hat at some point.

“But I’m a male,” you could object. “Only women worry about how they dress.” “You’re a fool, kind gentleman,” Bond would say as he walked away with your girlfriend. A man’s appearance says a lot about him, and well-dressed guys radiate and inspire confidence. So get rid of your old, ill-fitting rags and replace them with a high-quality wardrobe. After all, dressed like Bond is the first step toward becoming Bond.

5) Know How to Handle Your Weapon – Bond recognizes the importance of owning and learning how to utilize a handgun. 007 is well-equipped to protect himself and anyone around him when the opportunity arises, yet he only uses his weapon when absolutely necessary.

You don’t have to transform your home into a one-stop armory to become a good guns user. Visiting the local gun range and/or completing a gun safety course on a regular basis may make a major impact. A guy should also know how to clean his rifle correctly. After all, a good weapon is a wonderful tool, but the person who uses it is only as good as the person who uses it.

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6) Maintain Your Cool — Remember that scene in the previous Bond film when Bond snapped under the strain of his mission? Neither do I. Bond demonstrates that being a man entails being calm under duress. Life is difficult for everyone; accept it. Even when the world around them is disintegrating, great men have the inner strength to manage themselves with confidence and self-control.

Being prepared for difficult events is an important part of coping successfully with them.

“On the grounds of friendly struggle, seeds are planted that will produce the fruits of triumph on other days and other fields.” — Douglas MacArthur, General (US WWII General and war hero)

Because of his previous training and expertise, Bond is able to maintain his composure. Aside from training, participating in sports is a great method to learn how to deal with stress and prepare for combat, whether it’s against the “Man With the Golden Gun” or a young hot shot vying for your job.


Is there anything else James Bond can teach men? Add to the conversation by leaving a comment in the box below. Also, just for fun, tell us about your favorite Bond movie and your favorite Bond incarnation.



James Bond is a fictional character that has been around for decades. He is one of the most iconic and recognizable characters in modern culture. The lessons in manliness that James Bond teaches are timeless. Reference: james bond scrambled eggs.

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