Jack London on What It Takes To Be Successful

Jack London was a famous author and adventurer who had many accomplishments in his life. He wrote classics such as “Call of the Wild” and “The Sea Wolf.” But what did he know about success? Let’s find out!

Jack London is one of the most famous authors in history. His works are often seen as a reflection of his personal struggles and triumphs. Read more in detail here: jack london famous works.

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Editor’s note: While researching Jack London’s biography for a future article, we came across this piece of advice he provided to authors — which can be applied to anybody in any profession.

From 1903’s “Getting Into Print” Jack London’s work

Don’t try to write a 6,000-word tale before breakfast. Don’t go overboard with your writing. Instead than dissipating your sweat across a dozen stories, concentrate it on one. Don’t wait for inspiration to come to you; go for it with a club, and if you don’t get it, you’ll get something that looks very like. Set a “stint” for yourself [London wrote 1,000 words practically every day of his adult life] and make sure you complete it every day; you’ll have more words at the end of the year.

Examine the strategies used by the newcomers. They’ve perfected the tools you’re using to chop your fingers. They’re doing things, and their work carries internal evidence of how they’re doing things. Don’t rely on a good Samaritan to inform you; instead, look for it yourself.

Check to see whether your pores are open and if your digestion is in excellent shape. That, I believe, is the most crucial rule of them all.

Invest in a notepad. You’ll be able to travel with it, eat with it, and sleep with it. Every stray notion that comes to mind should be slapped into it. Lead pencil lines last longer than memory, and cheap paper is less perishable than gray matter.

And then there’s work. It should be written in capital letters. WORK. WORK 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Learn about the earth, the cosmos, force and matter, and the spirit that glimmers up from the maggot to the Godhead via force and matter. And by all of this, I mean WORK for a life philosophy. It makes no difference how incorrect your philosophy of life is as long as you have one and practice it properly.

The three most important things in life are: GOOD HEALTH, WORK, and a LIFE PHILOSOPHY. A fourth—SINCERITY—may, nay, must be added. The other three are useless without it; with it, you may aspire to greatness and sit among the titans.



“Thumos” is a Greek word that means “passion.” Jack London, in his book “What It Takes To Be Successful,” discusses the importance of passion to success. Reference: jack london thumos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you consider Jack London as an ideal writer explain your answer?

A: Yes, I do. Jack London is considered to be one of the greatest writers in history and his works had a great impact on literature as well as societys views on colonialism and imperialism.

What was Jack London philosophy?

A: In his book The Call of the Wild, Jack London wrote about his philosophy focusing on individualism and self-reliance rather than society. This concept was often referred to as the social Darwinism.

When was Jack London considered a success as a writer?

A: Jack London is considered a success as a writer in the United States, Canada and Australia.

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