As you prepare to go into business, or climb up the corporate ladder, one of the most important things you can do is create your “Institutional Survival Kit.” It’s a “must have” tool for any person aspiring to succeed in his chosen field. Think different. Be unique.

You may think that survival should only be for humans. Humans are vulnerable. When we face new challenges and we adjust to them-and they become more difficult-our instinct is to adapt. This means that we build our skills by being smart, by finding the solutions to our problems. We strive to learn something new. And so, if your life is about working and earning and surviving, what better time to consider “institutional survival?”

“INSTITERM RESEARCH AND EVALUATION.” These are three very important survival tips that you must take into account, as you try to figure out how to survive in a world where money is hard to come by, or to grow in a world where learning and improving are sometimes impossible. (In other words, no matter how good or rich you might be right now, you’re going to keep sinking if you don’t take corrective action.) So, before you buy into the hype about “going green,” or some other new trend that promises you a bright future, start taking steps to make your life a better place. Learn what it means to be successful in your field.

“INSTITERM RESEARCH AND EVALUATION.” This survival tip is a little like stepping up to the plate with a professional baseball player. You look in the stands, you see other baseball players standing out there on the diamond. Some of them are wearing visors. Some of them are wearing jerseys with sleeves that stretch to their elbows.

“DID YOU REALLY THINK IT TO SUCCESS?” The last thing you want to do is look dumb. Self-esteem is important, but you don’t need a diploma from the United States Military to make yourself more appealing to employers. It’s fine to have a degree from a good college, but employers are looking for someone who can bring something extra to the table.

“WHY DO YOU HAVE IT THEY WAY THEY DO?” Institutional survival tips include this one because many employees believe they have what it takes because their company has done it this way for so long. Companies that pride themselves on tradition and family values aren’t really using the training they offer employees to improve their success rate. If you believe your company is lost in a sea of similar organizations, you’re going to need to take drastic action.

” JUST WHAT IS WRONG? HOW WILL IT BE SOLVED?” Here’s another one of those pesky survival tips we all heard over again: Do what you’re doing! That’s the last thing you need to hear when you’re drowning in a crisis, and if you need to know what’s wrong, the best place to go is to someone who can point you in the right direction.

Institutional survival tips are important, but you shouldn’t ignore the problems at your organization. Even if you feel like you’re doing everything right, your organization could use an update. It’s okay to admit that things aren’t perfect, but don’t let it get you down. Problems come up and you don’t have to let them get you down. Work hard to fix them, and you’ll be much better off for it.

” WHAT ARE THE RESULTS OF SUCCESS? IF IT’S SUCCESS, WHY SHOULD I APPEAL? IF IT’S FAILURE, WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Haven’t we been taught that we need to step up our game if we want others to succeed, too? Your employer probably gave you a chance to show what you can do, now it’s time to show them that you can do even more.”

Now here’s one of those dreaded survival tips: “Fellow employees will notice that you’re nervous, stressed, and downright angry. Don’t act angry, but do understand why. You’ve accomplished so much in your position…and all the hard work is paying off now. Don’t blow it by taking the spotlight off yourself. Just sit back down and relax, and be confident that you can get things back on track.”

This one may not make a lot of sense, but for some reason, this advice rubs off on me. If you don’t feel like you’re getting your own way – or like you’re wasting your time – step up. Don’t be the last one to get your own way in an organization – you were always destined to be a leader, and now is the time to step up and make a difference. Good luck and all the best with your endeavors!

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