Ingenious Traps You Can Set Up On Your Property

In a previous article I wrote about how to protect your home from burglars, detailing how to make burglary much more difficult.

In these turbulent times we have seen too many examples of riots, looting and civil unrest around the world. Whether it’s civil unrest, demonstrations that turn into riots or a panic pandemic, many events can bring criminal elements and looters to the edge of your property.

In these cases, a good criminal offense is sometimes the best defense, and having an early warning system can and will be essential to keeping your home safe. With a few objects in the house, you can build several triggers that act as an early warning system and alert you where intruders are entering your property.

That’s what it looks like: How do you secure your home against intruders?

Legal information

What I am describing is what is commonly known as a trap. While these warning devices are not intended to harm those who use them, it is up to you to inform yourself about the rules, regulations and laws regarding these devices in your area.


These two traps, whose construction I describe in detail, have similar objectives, but achieve them in different ways.

The first is very simple: a rat trap, paracord, safety straps and a shiny stick are enough to know where the bad guys are. A big problem with this method is that the only way to tell if a trap has been triggered is to look at it, which means someone in the house has to be on guard and look at the trap to see if it has been triggered.

The second is not too complicated, but requires a few electronic components and some experimentation. The idea is that when the trap is activated, an LED light warns you of the intrusion.

Rat trap

The first trap I will describe is by far the simplest and requires a minimum of equipment and skills to be built. It works by positioning the glow stick so that when the rat trap is activated, the spring-loaded trap handle snaps onto the glow stick and breaks the vial in the stick. The trap is activated by a paracord wire, a bank or a thread.

MaterialsIngenious traps you can set on your property to catch looters

  • 1 – Rat trap
  • 1 – Global
  • Paracord
  • Safety belts
  • Drill and chisel


Rat Trap Step 1 – Determine where to install the rat trap light. Then drill holes on both sides of the sphere to attach the zipper.

Ingenious traps that you can set on your property to trap scavengers Step 2 – Install the glowstick with a zipper clutch and make sure the glass vial inside is broken by the spring arm when the trap is activated.

Ingenious traps you can set on your property to catch looters Step 3 – Attach a paracord to the trap. You can change the release to make it easier to attach the cable.

Ingenious traps you can set on your property to catch looters Step 4 – Set the trap in a convenient location, then lay the paracord to form a trip wire. Don’t hit him because you haven’t set the trap yet.

Ingenious traps you can install on your property to catch scavengers Step Five – Install the trap as usual and set the trigger wire very carefully, remembering not to tighten the trigger wire due to the sensitivity of the trigger. Also: The longer the wire, the heavier it is and the looser it is. It is best to keep these lines short or make them out of light materials.

LED trap

This trap requires certain electronic components that can be easily found or removed from old electronic devices. For this article, I showed a simple circuit on a breadboard, but you’ll want to mount the components more permanently with solder.

#1. The main point is that I did not specify a value for the resistor in this circuit. The reason for this is that the longer the wire is, the greater the resistance it provides to the circuit, creating a voltage drop. When building this circuit, test with the full length of wire to make sure the LED light is to your satisfaction. Do it before you set the traps.

#2. Use a separate power supply for each trigger. Depending on the length of the wires, it may be preferable to use higher voltage batteries for this project.

#3. One of the advantages of this trigger is that you can place the LEDs on a cardboard property card.

Map Map This will give you a visual idea of the exact location of the invasion.



  • Clothes peg made of wood or plastic
  • Length of insulated two-core wire with a fine gauge. It should be long enough to run from your trip wire to where you will install your warning light.
  • Resistance
  • led lighting
  • 9-volt battery connection
  • 9-volt battery
  • Electrical tape
  • Metal Group


Ingenious traps you can place on your property to catch scavengers The first step is to wrap metal tape around the jaws of the clothespins, wrapping them around their entire circumference. That completes the chain. So make sure the two sides only touch where the jaws of the clothespins touch.

Ingenious traps you can install on your property to catch scavengers Step 2 – Separate the ends of the two lead wires, then tie a wire to the outside of one of the clothespins with a piece of electrical tape. Repeat for the other side, again attaching the thread to the clothespin with a loop.

Step Three – Create a circuit by connecting the positive battery current to the resistor and then to the LED anode.

Next – Separate and strip the other end of the two-core wire and connect one end to the negative terminal and the other to the free wire of the LED.

Ingenious traps you can set on your property to catch scavengers Step 5 – Check the circuit and brightness of the LED. It may be necessary to change the resistor value to increase the brightness of the LED.

Ingenious traps you can set up on your property to catch looters Step Six – Use a zip tie, in a loop, as a non-conductive activation wire.

Ingenious traps you can set on your property to catch looters Step 7 – Set the trigger and set the trigger wire. I like to use a nail or a screw in the hollow part of the clothespin to fix it.

Test This release can also be installed in doors by attaching it to the door with the zipper and the release to the door frame.

Ingenious traps you can place on your property to catch looters Placement

These devices are useless if you put them where no one walks around. The best way to know where to install these devices is to approach the house from the point of view of a person who wants to break in. Look for areas that offer good coverage from a vantage point and identify infiltration routes that a thief or other criminal might use.

If you place them in areas that you or your family use often, make sure everyone knows where the traps are. Also watch out for possible four-legged intruders, as you may need to adjust the height of trip wires to avoid false alarms.

That’s what it looks like: To install a wired alarm on your premises

The advantage of these early warning systems is that in many cases the materials they are made of are placed around the garage or house.

Pied piper versions are good for long range placement, and if you have access to night vision and infrared glow sticks, they can be a nearly invisible version of travel virtue.

The LED version requires a lot of experimentation and a little bit of skill, but in many ways it may be the best warning system because only one person has to be paying attention and looking at a set of lights, rather than trying to follow the multiple glow traps.

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