The Twitter-storm that followed the demise of prominent Indian industrialist, Mr. Harsh Goenka, aka Lord Ganesha, from his comfortable abode in the British capital, London, last week to a bullet wound inflicted by a rogue terrorist at a hotel here in the Kingdom of England, has left the youngsters and youth in India are questioning the social ethics of their prime minister, Mr. Rahul Gandhi. This comes at a time when the young people are eagerly waiting for the idealistic son of Indira Gandhi, the first lady of India, to take over the party and lead it to new heights of greatness. The Gandhi family has been trying its best to project the image of a party that is ready to take up the challenges thrown at it by the new government of the People’s Republic of India (PAI). However, in doing so, the Gandhi family is jeopardizing the future of the freedom fighters and their cause for a true democracy in India. It is obvious that the Gandhi scion cannot afford to lose any more seats in the lower house of the parliament, which holds the power to call the shots for the formation of new governments in the various states of India.

In fact, the Gandhi family has been trying to put a brave face on the unfortunate situation by assuring the people that the economy of the kingdom is safe, despite the demise of one of its most powerful people. But, this could not be further from the truth. Recent events have exposed the chamfered faces and suppressed moral values of the Gandhi family. In fact, one must be wondering as to how a self-confident and soft-spoken gentleman like the late Mr. Ganesha could have been behind the attack on London’s iconic London Bridge. Some people have even accused the late Mr. Ganesha of ignoring the suffering in the Darfur region of Africa, where innocent civilians were slaughtered by terrorists.

Some people have even accused him of ignoring the call of the people, who were demanding action against the terrorists in Darfur. This is far from the truth. On the other hand, it is obvious that the Indian government is busy with its internal affairs, which is why it is ignoring the repeated attacks on London. If the government had paid heed to the people, Darfur would have been brought to its knees.

Now let us move on to think about industrialist Hindu Ganesha. We all know that the Ganesha Temple at Puschlagar is located at a location close to the residence of the industrialist. This is because the terrorist organisations often strike at areas where Hindu people live, such as the centre of Puschlagar.

It is obvious that the terrorists have a definite aim towards killing Hindu leaders, including the industrialist. According to the reports, one of the suspects was seen at a film shoot and was identified as a member of the banned SIMI. The fact that the director was not a Hindu has weakened his case, as many Hindus do not identify a terrorist as a Hindu. This is a typical feature of terrorist organisations. They attract people and kill them because of their race, colour or religion.

Hence, the recent attack on London has exposed the Hindu population in that part of the world. This is the greatest fear of the Hindu community all over India. It is obvious that people will be in touch with the relevant authorities to register a case against those accused of involvement in the attack. In other words, the state has a lot to do in order to take care of the problem of the Hindu community in India.

Let us now have a look at how the Indian government is handling the situation. The Union Home ministry has sent a report to the Delhi police department on 6th September, stating that they have received information about three men who were suspected of being involved in the blast on the commuter train. The report also states that the authorities have identified another man who was seen taking pictures of the explosion and having an automatic rifle. These are all suspects and it is important to zero in on them, as soon as possible, to stop the terrorist activities in India. The Home Ministry also says that they have spoken to the FBI and handed them the case information. The Home Ministry has conveyed to the Indian businessman that the government is in no way interfering in the business of an individual.

This is not good news for the industrialist community in India. However, one must remember that RSS and Bajan have always supported the state government in Jammu & Kashmir. Similarly, there have been instances where the ruling party has not been able to control the situation. The chief minister of Jammu & Kashmir has called for an investigation into the blast. The central government has also promised full support to the state.

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