Ideas How To Do Stealth Gardening

recently asked the MSB commentator (NH Michael): Has anyone thought about sneaky gardening?

I was thinking: What a beautiful theme!

A garden, big or small, generally looks like a garden. Any non-farmer would recognize it as a garden. Nice rows. Recognizable garden plants. Maybe there’s a fence around it. You know what I mean. It looks like a garden….

He said: Most non-gardeners I know don’t know what a potato plant looks like, let alone a turnip. But they can see nice neat rows of the same things growing.

Perhaps the non-traditional, irregularly shaped mixed beds could be less gardening?

Any ideas?

how to hide the garden

In other words, hidden gardening….

Mix the flowers with the green vegetables. Vines. Root vegetables.

The farmer replied:

I’ve been thinking about this for years, anticipating a time when it might be needed. I did a little experiment. I also had to be creative when I lived in the suburbs for a short time.

Mixing colors with green makes people think it’s just for beauty. Some flowers are good for food, some are good for medicine. Nasturtium, flowers and young leaves, marigold, medicine/salt. I can’t list them all – it’s too long!

The vines are good – apple spinach (good in the heat, very nutritious + omega 3), white beans, aga, sunchokes, golden purple, Molly’s cherry, auntie of the earth.

Root crops tolerate more shade than fruit crops, such as. B. Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. You can hide them with flowers like marigolds, which are good for deterring certain underground pests.

Try growing potatoes in a large mound of soil, like a hill. The deep, loose soil will make you feel like you’re covering it with dirt and weeds. Cucumbers like to climb on sunflowers – good camouflage.

These are just a few ideas. Of course, you can grow some weeds in strategic places for shelter. Trust them before they fall. I’m going to put plants everywhere this year!

Green for shade. Ground cover. Weak agglutination. Shrubs. Herbs.

Then Lauren said,

Green for shade. Rye, oats or garlic for a vertical effect or grass pollen. Onion. Potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes or sweet potatoes as tubers. Sweet potatoes are also used as ground cover and flowers (all parts are edible). They also help the soil when you’ve harvested enough to start over the next year. There are tomatoes with great masses of shocking flowers, and brightly colored beans for the look of the vine.

Beets and stems of rainbow leaves or other colored objects for a low and lumpy mass. Amaranth and sorghum for high grains, quinoa as an ornamental grain for low grains. People are used to ornamental cabbages, and the flowers of brassica can make quite a spectacle.

Don’t forget perennials, berry bushes and small trees, depending on the location.

Medicines and herbs according to the growth. Your marigolds, nasturtiums and echinacea are a thriving base. Even pansies are edible, and they like a little more shade. Insert valerian or angelica as a centerpiece. Use thyme or oregano as a ground cover. Also mushrooms for the fairy garden.

A plant that is beautiful in the spring is not necessarily beautiful in the fall. Prepare something else if this happens.

adds Ken:

I think it’s a great idea to dress up or hide the garden. Edible plants growing in and around your area. Wouldn’t it be wise to do something like that?

Remember when SHTF and his food were hidden from prying eyes?

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