This is the third in a series of Rescue Me! Holiday Beauty Survival Tips. In this one we look at how to get all the good stuff on your Christmas list under control before the big day arrives. It starts with a bang! I mean Christmas morning. So many people wake up with grumpy expressions on their faces ready for the day, but instead they find themselves rushing around getting ready for that all important head-to-head battle with the housekeeper, ready for the chore that will make them feel like a million bucks!

Well, hold on a second here – there is nothing special about waking up with a big smile on your face to discover that you have just enough time to get ready for work and then it is off to your special holiday. If I had my way, I would love to spend the morning doing just that! I would want to spend my morning looking at all those beautiful Christmas presents waiting for me to open them and then enjoy myself for the first time in days – no running, jumping, climbing or stressing out! Oh, no!

But look what happens when I don’t look? I go all knotted up in knots trying to untangle a mess that seems to have formed overnight. So much for my holiday of a special sort! I give in to my time table and decide that I am going to put the kettle on in the kitchen.

Look, I am not going to tackle the knotty mess that is waiting for me in the kitchen. What I am going to do is to cook a kettle of welly on my job, so that I can be in my pajamas before lunch. Then, of course, I am going to make myself some tea and enjoy my tea while I read the paper and make my breakfast. That is, I assume that I am being very sensible. I am certainly not being a miser at all!

If only I could have a digital camera with me too! The one thing that I will never, ever complain about on my Christmas holidays is the fact that I did not get a digital camera. It means that I cannot take pictures of my Christmas feast – or my nieces’ and nephews’ party, for that matter. At least, I cannot send pictures of these things to family and friends, because they have probably already seen them on the web. But the digital camera means that I can look at my pictures online any time and be able to see exactly how I looked when I took them.

And that is the real beauty of Christmas – you can look at your photographs any time, anywhere. You can look at them on your computer in your pajamas on Christmas morning, or you can send them to your friends in an email, so that they can look and share them with their friends and family. That is to rescue me!

Of course, sending photos through emails or posting them on sites like Facebook is very easy. But it is also a great idea to print out copies of your photographs so that you can look at them again before Christmas. In fact, if you do not get a digital camera with you, and you do not want to get one, you could print out a photo of each present that you get – you will then be able to compare them with what you already have in your house. This will help you identify which present has become more attractive during the past year and make sure that you get it!

You could also look at the photos on eBay and other auction sites and see which presents you would like to buy from your friends and family members. Do not forget, if you have not opened your presents yet, to save them for your holiday diary! That is really important because you will be writing about your holiday experiences, and your reactions to different aspects of it in your diary. Rescue me!

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