How to Wrestle an Alligator

With the recent increase in sightings of alligators, this article will teach you how to escape from an alligator’s jaws. You may even be able to use it against one if your life is on the line!

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Illustration of a man fighting with an Alligator.

Editor’s note: Ty Karnitz contributed this guest article.

Consider the following scenario: you’re taking a break from exploring the cannibal-infested, unexplored jungle to set up camp near the river when your female traveling partner announces that she’s going to take a bath in the river. She departs, leaving you to set up camp and light the fire. You also manage to ignite a fire without the need of matches.

But just as you’ve started the fire, the jungle’s peace is shattered by a scream. You dash down to the riverbank and are immediately confronted with a predicament designed to test your resolve.

Your lady love is being pursued by an alligator, and the only way to rescue her is to wrestle the cold-blooded monster into surrender.

This is how to fight an alligator.

Step 1: Climbing onto the back of an alligator

Getting atop an alligator’s back is perhaps the most perilous element of wrestling an alligator. Never try to jump an alligator from behind or from the side. This is the simplest method to be bitten. From behind, you want to approach the alligator. If at all possible, have someone distract the animal so that it does not turn to look at you.

If that’s not an option, remove your shirt and use it as a blindfold (or use a towel). Make sure your shirt covers the gator’s eyes by throwing it on top of its head. The alligator reacts significantly more slowly when it is blind.

Draw a straight line from the top of the alligator’s head to the tail, if feasible. Get a head start down the line and jump onto the animal with your hands stretched front, remaining low. Your hands should fall between the rear of the alligator’s jaws and the front legs of the alligator. Push down on the neck with all your strength as you land on the animal to drive the head to the ground.

Humans expand their jaws in the same manner as alligators do. That is, the lower jaw moves while the upper jaw remains stationary. You may prevent the jaws from opening by pinning the head to the ground.

You should be near the gator’s front shoulders, high on the gator’s back. Knees should be flat on the ground, but you should grip the animal’s flanks. The bottom section of your legs should pin the hind legs together while maintaining the feet off the ground.

Keeping the alligator’s back legs off the ground helps it avoid “death rolling” (spinning around violently). You’ve lost control of an alligator when it does this.

Step 2: Taking Charge of Your Mouth

It’s critical to acquire control of the gator’s mouth once you’re on it. Keep both hands firmly on the alligator’s neck, pushing down hard with your whole body weight.

As a general rule, you won’t damage the alligator, but it will surely hurt you. Use all of your strength at all times. But keep in mind that technique is more essential than power.

Forward rotate the dominant hand (right or left). Keep your hand in touch with the alligator and continue to push down as you glide your palm forward along the centre of its head. You should use your hand to cover both of your eyes. Alligators’ eyes retreat into their skulls, thus just coming into touch with them should enough. You’re blinding the beast once again to get an edge.


Now, using all of your weight on your hands, push down on the eyes. Pin the head to the ground once again to keep the jaws from opening. Run your other hand down the lower jaw line, sliding it forward and down. You may feel soft skin surrounding the bone if you put your fingertips beneath the gator’s mouth. Grip firmly with your fingers beneath your jaw and your palm and thumb on top.

The alligator’s jaw force is concentrated on the downward stroke. When it comes to opening their mouths, they have practically little muscular power. That is to say, you can close the animal’s mouth with with one hand. But it doesn’t imply you should shut it with one hand.

Slide the hand covering the eyes down until it can grab the lower jaw as well, keeping the head pinned to the ground.

Both hands should now be used to close the lips.

Step 3: Make a submission

Raise the head of the alligator off the ground and toward your chest. The gator can no longer struggle after the head is at close to a ninety degree angle.

You’ve just wrestled an alligator into submission, so kudos to you.

Getting Away (Step 4)

Now comes the difficult part… How are you going to get off?

When you’ve rescued your lady love, it’s time to let go of the animal and flee.

Return the head of the alligator to the ground. Return the dominant hand to its original posture of covering the eyes. Slide your other hand back down the jaw, pushing on the neck, while pressing down with the dominant hand. Back up from the eyes to the neck with your dominant hand. You should now be in the same position as when you originally leapt upon the animal.

Squat on the gator’s back by lifting your knees off the ground and putting your feet beneath you. Maintain a firm grip on the gator’s body using your legs. When you’re on the alligator’s back, it’s far more difficult for it to bite you than when you’re off to the side. Push down again if the animal resists. Allowing the animal to struggle is not a good idea.

Grip the neck with your hands. Throw the alligator as far forward as you can while jumping back in one action. You may not be able to toss the alligator far depending on its weight, which is OK. It may only take six inches to propel it ahead. Throwing the animal forward causes it to become unbalanced, allowing you more time to flee.

Continue traveling backward after jumping as far as you can. The gator is likely to growl or hiss at you as it turns and opens its jaws at you. Allow it to happen. Keep your gaze fixed on it and take a step back. If the gator pursues you, run in a straight path away from it. It will shortly get exhausted and return to the sea.


That is how an alligator is wrestled.

You may now channel Michael Douglas’ character in Romancing the Stone or Tarzan. You have a chance to rescue Jane.

You may now channel Michael Douglas’ character in Romancing the Stone or Tarzan. You have a chance to rescue Jane.

Ty Karnitz, a wildlife educator and big animal trainer at the Jungle Adventures Zoo in Florida, has worked with alligators personally.



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