How to Wrap a Gift: Illustrated Guide

When giving gifts, often times there are many things to consider. Wrap your gift in a stylish way so that when your recipient opens up the present they will be surprised by the effort you put into it!

The “how to wrap a gift in a creative way” is an illustrated guide that shows you how to wrap your gifts in a creative way.

How to wrap holiday birthday gift present illustration.

While the fairer sex seems to be born with the ability to wrap presents, guys appear to have struggled with the process for millennia. The paper gets wrinkled up, there’s tape all over the place, and the finished effect isn’t really appealing. Sure, the contents of the package are most important, but a good exterior adds to the gift hefting and unwrapping experience.

With this tutorial, you won’t have to say, “At least I tried!” Your presents will now be properly packaged and displayed, allowing you to proudly showcase your effort. Christmas is just a few days away, so get started!

  1. In a rectangle box, place the present. It’s much simpler to wrap than irregularly shaped products because of this.
  2. Calculate how much paper you’ll need. Place the present on the paper, fold the loose end up and over, and cut.
  3. Place the present on the paper face down and in the middle. Bring the first edge up and tape it to the box, then do the same with the opposite side.
  4. Fold the sides of the box against the box’s edges and crease the diagonal flaps you’ve made.
  5. Tape the top border of the box down. Fold the bottom border up and tape it.
  6. To further class up your Christmas present and amaze your recipients, add a gift tag, bow, and ribbon.

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Ted Slampyak created the artwork.



The “how to wrap a gift box step-by-step” is an illustrated guide that will teach you how to wrap a gift in the most efficient way possible.

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