How to Use Chopsticks Like Mr. Miyagi

Most people struggle to use chopsticks properly, especially for something as fast-paced and potentially dangerous like eating. This guide will teach you how to handle them with the precision of a ninja warrior.

“Holding chopsticks” is a skill that takes practice. In the movie “The Karate Kid,” Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel-san how to use chopsticks by holding them in his fingers and using his thumb to hold the rest of the chopstick in place.

Comic guide how to use chopsticks

“Anything is possible for a man who catches a fly with a chopstick.” The Karate Kid’s Mr. Miyagi

The Karate Kid offered a lot of lessons to youngsters in the 1980s about courage, ethics, and, of course, rad chopstick techniques. Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-attempt san’s to trap houseflies between their chopstick tips is one of the most thrilling sequences in utensil film history. You’ll need a lot of practice on simpler targets, like sweet and sour chicken, to reach that level of chopstick zen mastery. However, you may find yourself chucking away your fly swatter over time. Remember that it took Mr. Miyagi until Karate Kid II to achieve this accomplishment.

Of course, your chopstick abilities will enable you to not only get rid of bugs in your home, but also to eat Asian food neatly in restaurants and when abroad without having to ask for a fork.

1: Place one chopstick in the nook between your dominant hand’s thumb and index finger.

2: To provide support, bend your ring and pinky fingers below the chopstick.

3: Like a pen, grab the second chopstick between your thumb, index, and middle finger.

4: Slide your middle finger down to the bottom of the higher chopstick to support it.

5: Pivot the higher chopstick up and down with your index finger until it reaches the bottom chopstick’s tip.

6: Start with simple meals like marshmallows and grapes before progressing to more difficult items.

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Ted Slampyak created the artwork.



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“Chopsticks” are a type of utensil that is used to pick up food. They have been around for centuries and have been primarily used in East Asian countries such as China, Japan, and Korea. This article will teach you how to use chopsticks like Mr. Miyagi!.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be like Mr Miyagi?

A: There are many ways to become like Mr. Miyagi, or any other character from the movies of Karate Kid in general. The easiest way is by taking lessons and training yourself with a teacher and going through books on how to be more like them.

How do you hold the chopsticks to dork method?

A: You just hold the chopsticks in your hand and use them as you would a sword.

Is there a correct way to use chopsticks?

A: There is no correct way to use chopsticks. Rather than trying to learn the correct technique, you should focus your efforts on understanding how each individual type of utensil works and what its most effective for in certain situations.

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