How to Turn Your Garage Into a Home Gym

Nowadays, more people are making a home gym in their garage than they ever did before. There is no better way to enjoy the outdoors while working out and saving money at the same time. If you’re ready for your first real workout under the sun and stars, here are some tips on how to turn your garage into a home gym that will get you started ().

The “convert garage to gym cost” is the process of turning a garage into a home gym. It can be done for less than $20 and takes about an hour.

Garage gym DIY workout room at home PLYO box tire weight rack.

Note from the editor: This is a guest post by Jerred Moon.

Are you tired of all the effort it takes to be in shape – to get stronger and fitter?

It’s true that getting in shape and training may be a hassle at times, but is it truly the exercise that you dislike? With a little observation or self-analysis, you can discover that the chore isn’t always the training. Of sure, you may despise working out, but is it really so bad?

The hardest aspect about working out is everything that comes with it: a lengthy trip to the gym, crowded gyms, occupied equipment, sanitation issues, monthly expenses, and so on. You have a career, a family, and all of life’s responsibilities to consider. Who wants to begin or finish their day with a task that seems like a chore? A trip to the gym entails dressing appropriately, traveling, waiting, and more driving… And your daily routine consists of going from one climate-controlled box (work) to another (the gym), with your sole opportunity for fresh air being a stroll across the parking lot. Not to mention that every day you miss the gym because you “simply don’t feel like it” costs you money!

Commercial gyms are built for the masses, with TVs, isolation machines, and a slew of other equipment you don’t need. Although “going to the gym today” may make you feel better, wouldn’t you rather train properly and efficiently?

At this moment, your head should be nodding.

A garage gym is the answer to all of your fitness concerns!

Perhaps you picture Rocky Balboa chasing chickens and hauling logs when you think of a garage gym. Perhaps you see a little replica of your professional gym crammed into your garage.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. A garage gym may be a world-class training facility that is both effective and efficient. It’s tailored to your abilities. Because they know the secret, some of the world’s fittest individuals exercise in garage gyms on a daily basis. There is less equipment, fewer isolated exercises, and less trash, yet the training is more efficient.

“I don’t have the money or time to turn my garage into a gym,” you’ll inevitably think. While it isn’t cheap, it can be done for as low as $500, which is approximately a year and a half of the cheapest gym membership. You will have earned money on your garage gym investment if you utilize it for only two years. Furthermore, it just takes two weeks to finish. That’s assuming you take your time.

Are you persuaded yet? Are you ready to open a garage gym? Let’s get this party started!

What I Begun With: 

  • Olympic Bar, 45 lbs.
  • kettlebells (three) (35lb., 55lb., and 70lb.)
  • two bumper plates, each weighing 45 pounds
  • two bumper plates, each weighing 35 pounds
  • two bumper plates, each weighing 25 pounds
  • two bumper plates weighing ten pounds
  • two 5 pound platters
  • a pull-up bar with a power rack*
  • parallettes*
  • storage for weight racks
  • rings
  • a box for plyometrics*
  • a medicine ball weighing 20 pounds*
  • a tire for pulling and lifting strange objects
  • squats and press-ups
  • Stands for bench press
  • a bench
  • a hyperbolic inversion
  • a rope for speed

*DIY tasks are listed below.


Vintage bag, powerful fan and bike.

Here are a few more things to think about: A strong supporter. Bike. Bag. I try to vary my workout by doing a little bit of everything. I like running with the bag or doing a variety of different sandbag exercises. Cycling is new to me, but it isn’t too difficult.

Step 1: Make a Major Purchase

When you’re beginning a genuine garage gym, the large purchase needs to be the first thing you do. It shows you’re completely dedicated, and the large buy will help you stay on track. This is the equipment you can’t construct yourself or locate secondhand, such as a barbell, plates, kettlebells, and so on.

Another reason we prioritize the major buy is that it might take up to two weeks for the item to arrive. Once the weight is delivered, we’ll have enough time to set up shop in the garage and prepare for some serious training.

You must first determine what you need. For the most part, my list above will suffice. Do you, on the other hand, desire or need rubberized bumper plates? Are you solely interested in iron plates? Do you mind whether your equipment is new or used? When I originally began my garage gym, I didn’t go for the cheapest option. I purchased it as new, along with the colorful, rubberized bumper plates (expensive). You may have it all for a much less money if you purchase basic black or go the secondhand way. For a garage, you don’t need all of the bumper plates.

Garage gym equipment barbell with heavy weights.

Make a barbell your sole piece of equipment right now if you can only afford one.

“What is a bumper plate useful for?” you may wonder. These plates are ideal for overhead lifts and high-intensity exercises that need quickness. You may lose weight this way. You just need two 45-pound bumper plates as a basis, and you can fill up the rest with smaller iron weights that don’t touch the ground. Only use iron while squatting or deadlifting. Depending on your strength level, I suggest obtaining more than two 45lb. plates. You’ll need a mix of bumper plates and iron plates if you’re particularly powerful. Some of the simple bumper package packages will be ideal for you if you aren’t as powerful.

Concept 2 rowing machine home gym.

Another thing to think about is how you’ll perform your cardio. You can do things like jump rope, run, and bike. This rower is the most costly piece of gym equipment I’ve ever bought…but I adore it. I despise jogging, so I spend a lot of time rowing. If you like rowing, it is well worth the money. Very long-lasting.

Fortunately, CrossFit and the sport of weightlifting have surged in popularity in recent years. Because of their popularity, high-quality barbells, plates, and other equipment are now considerably more affordable.

Step 2: Prepare the Garage


Accept the concept of street parking!

Now that we’ve made the big purchase and are awaiting delivery, it’s time to go to work on the garage!


There are two possibilities when it comes to garage gyms. Option one is to build a garage with a gym inside, and option two is to build a gym inside the shell of a garage. To put it another way, you can either utilize your garage for storage and all of your home goods, or you may use it exclusively as a gym. Alternative one will be the more feasible option for the majority of people. You’ll almost certainly have to declutter in any case. At this stage, your two main concerns are organization and storage.

Storage Concepts:

It’s time to be organized if you aren’t already. That is, if you want a garage gym. You’ll have to be inventive if you have a lot of things that you need to retain (yes, getting rid of stuff is a genuine option).

  • Storage containers may be hung from the ceiling.
  • Make a wall only for stackable containers.
  • Move your belongings to a storage facility (which isn’t ideal because of the monthly expense, which is what you’re trying to avoid in the first place)
  • Things should be discarded.
  • Sale in the garage

Have a garage sale if you have a lot of items in your garage that you’d want to get rid of. Obviously, this benefits you in two ways. First, it provides space for a garage gym. The second fantastic thing a garage sale can accomplish for you is pay for your equipment in full! You no longer have an excuse.

In the end, you won’t need a lot of room, but you will need a section of your garage devoted to lifting weights. Keep it clean by cleaning it up, cleaning it out, and keeping it clean. You’ll need to be resourceful and well-organized. One side of the area should be used for “garage” things, while the other should be used for gym equipment. Whatever method you choose, make sure you have adequate room to exercise, which will need some preparation.

Fortunately, preparing for this gym is as simple as browsing through all of the DIY tasks we want to do (shown in step 3, below). Make sure you have adequate room for them all and that you want them all. You may pick and choose the projects you want to work on. You may sketch it out on paper, draw it on a whiteboard, or even tape it out on your garage floor after you’ve made up your mind. You’ll be better off if you can imagine it as realistically as possible. We won’t get ourselves into a pickle this way. Make sure you prepare ahead of time and have a solid concept of where everything will go.

Oh, and if you’re married like me, make sure you tell your wife about everything. Perhaps it should have been the first step…oops.

Step 3: Do-It-Yourself (Do-It-Yourself) Projects

Garage gym PLYO box tire weight rack.

(To view a bigger version, click on the picture.) If you’re wondering where my power rack is, it’s because the ceiling in my current home was too low to install it when I moved in. So it’s deconstructed and ready to be rebuilt in my attic.


You may surely acquire everything you need for your gym all at once. You may, however, create a few elements on your own to really personalize it and save money. To begin, I propose constructing the following four projects:

  • Box Plyometric
  • Racking System
  • Ball of Medicine
  • Parallettes

These initial few things will get you started with a basic garage gym, and you may be able to do it all in one weekend. However, the DIY Corner has over a dozen garage gym DIY project ideas if you’re looking for something more.

Box Plyometric

DIY homemade plyometric box plywood.

A plyometric box is the first project. One piece of plywood, six cuts to the desired size, glue, and screws, and you’re finished! Box jumps, dips, step-ups, box squats, and any other creative workout you can think of can all be done with a plyometric box. It’s a simple and fast job. It will cost you about $20, take you approximately 30 minutes to finish, and is not really difficult. The whole instruction may be found here.

Racking System

DIY wooden power weightlifting rack garage gym.

The second project, a power rack, is a bit more complicated and time-consuming. However, if you construct and maintain this project, it will survive a long time and provide you with excellent training opportunities. You’ll be able to squat while using safety bars and a pull-up bar. To fit your demands, you may make whatever changes you choose. If this project is too difficult for you, I propose getting some cement buckets and 4x4s – that project may be found here. Check out the directions for the whole power rack build here.

Ball of Medicine

Vintage medicine basket ball.

The next project is a medicine ball, which is simple and fast to make. Simply cut a basketball in half, fill it with pool salt (not sand), and patch it up. You’ve got yourself a medicine ball now! Wall ball shots (squatting with and throwing to a target 10 feet away), weighted sit-ups, medicine ball cleans, and a variety of other workouts may all be done with a medicine ball. It’s a must-have for building a garage gym, and the entire instructions can be found here.


Vintage two parallettes on the plyometric box.

The fourth craft, parallettes, is likewise fast and simple. Deficit push-ups, L-sits, dips, pass throughs, and a variety of other workouts are all possible using parallettes. This project just requires a few cuts of PVC and some PVC cement to complete. That project, which is really simple and a terrific addition to a garage gym, may be found here.

These projects are only the beginning, but with a firm foundation and these few supplies, you’ll have everything you need to build a basic and efficient garage gym. You may gradually increase your DIY armory or acquire the extra gear you need as you gain expertise and learn more about how to work in a garage gym.

Unfamiliarity with the equipment and procedure, like with any do-it-yourself job, may be harmful. Please contemplate completing the task yourself if you are at all uneasy or unskilled working on DIY projects (particularly ones using risky instruments). Any DIY project has the potential to damage your property, create a dangerous situation, or cause injury to yourself or others. Take care!



Are you ready to get in shape at home? Are you ready to start working out in your garage?

It’s time to make a decision. It’s time to get rid of all the pills you don’t need, trade in your ridiculously costly gym memberships, and toss out the fitness publications that promote pointless items and programs for individuals who aren’t you.

It’s time for you to start making some choices for yourself, and health-related decisions should not be made lightly. “Leave all the afternoon for exercise and pleasure, which are as vital as reading,” Thomas Jefferson said. “More vital,” I’ll respond, “since health is more valuable than knowledge.”

Wishing you success with your garage gym!

Make sure to listen to Jerred’s podcast on how to become a garage gym athlete:


Make sure to listen to Jerred’s podcast on how to become a garage gym athlete:

Jerred Moon is a strength and fitness aficionado, aspiring adrenaline junkie, devoted husband, and proud father. He operates End of Three Fitness, a fitness website for “other men,” and is the originator of the One Man One Barbell program.



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