How to Turn a Book Into a Handsome Clock

The coolest clock ever is a book! This project will show you how to create this beautiful timepiece that can be made out of any book, including your favorite childhood story.

The “how to make a book into a box” is a project that has been done before. It’s an easy project that can be completed in one afternoon.

Homemade diy book clock.

Men have always been fascinated in keeping time in fashionable and traditional ways, from pocket watches to grandfather clocks. What better way to do it than by converting a beautiful hardback book into a functional timepiece? This idea is akin to Brett’s transformation of a hardback book into a hidden safe a few years ago. Rather of hiding it on a bookshelf and hoping no one notices it, this project should be publicly exhibited in your house or business. With a cost of less than $10 and just a few hours of your effort, this is a terrific Saturday afternoon project and a cheap way to decorate your apartment or man cave.

Plus, with Valentine’s Day approaching, this would be a low-cost yet very lovely present for your beloved. Choose a book that makes her swoon (say, Pride and Prejudice) and engrave a time-related sweetie on the inside cover, like this one from Henry Van Dyke: “Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but time is eternity for those who love.” It’s a good idea to have some smelling salts on hand.


Supplies for handmade diy book clock.

  • This is a hardcover book. Hardcover is the greatest option since it can stand alone. I used an old book that I had no intention of reading, but another option is to look for anything with a distinctive cover design. Because they’re harder to come by these days (because to the higher cost of production), you may have to seek at antique shops. You might even utilize a beloved book – I understand that this may sound sacrilegious to some, but you can always purchase another copy. Not only will you be reminded of your favorite work on a daily basis, but it will also act as a terrific discussion piece, allowing you to express your enthusiasm with people who come to visit.
  • X-Acto knife or utility knife
  • Drilling power
  • Clock kit (available at most hobby/craft shops; this one cost $7 at Hobby Lobby)
  • Numbers for the clock ($2.50)
  • Super glue is one option.

1. Determine where you want the clock to go on the book, then sketch a template and start cutting.

Diy handmade book clock crafts for men.

As you can see, I chose an off-center location for some artsy-fartsy effect. I drew a line around the main clock hardware on the page and began cutting with my X-Acto knife. I pondered whether to do this step first or drill first, and decided on the latter. After reading through the procedure, you may make your own decision.

2. Check the hole you’re carving out every now and again.

Diy handmade book clock crafts for men.

Because your cutting is certain to be imperfect, check the clock mechanism in the cutout every 50 pages or so to make sure it still fits snugly. The cutout should not be too large, or the mechanism will move about too much – it must be sturdy.


3. Remove enough pages from the book to nearly completely hide the mechanism, including the clock shaft.

Diy handmade book clock crafts for men.

I had to cut nearly all the way to the back cover since I was using a short book. The mechanism is nearly completely concealed when it’s put in the cutout, with just a little part of the clock shaft poking out.

4. Make a hole in the lid using a drill.

Diy handmade book clock crafts for men.

I measured the distance between the top and left sides of the mechanism and the center of the mechanism with the clock within. After that, I removed the clock, closed the cover, measured, and drilled the hole. Keep in mind that you’ll need a very large bit, but it’s preferable to go with a smaller size than a larger one. It must be tight once again so that it does not move. If you don’t have a drill (like I did the first time I performed this a few years back), you may penetrate the cover with your knife and wiggle it about a little bit. It’s a little shabby, but it gets the job done in a pinch.

5. Insert the clock mechanism into the cover’s hole.

Diy handmade book clock crafts for men.

I started by opening the book and pushing the mechanism through from the rear, then lowering it into the cutout in the pages. Only about a quarter-inch of the primary clock shaft was visible. It’s entirely up to you how much you leave.

6. Remove the clock from the cover and clean off the edges that were produced by pushing it through.

Diy handmade book clock crafts for men.

The cover is likely to be a bit damaged after the drill and pushing the clock through. With the knife, smooth it out so it’s flat and even – remember, this will be seen, so it has to look nice.

7. Assemble the clock according to the instructions included with your kit.

Diy handmade book clock crafts for men.

This is a rather straightforward procedure. It’s only a few washers, the clock hands, and a nut, and you’re done. I decided against using the seconds hand.

8. Add as many numerals as you’d like.

Diy handmade book clock crafts for men.

I chose the simplicity of simply four numerals. Because they’re usually adhesive, all you have to do is put them where you want them and hold them for a few seconds until they’re secure. Make sure the numbers are appropriately spaced – this is a lot simpler when there are just four of them. You may simply choose not to have any numbers at all. A handful of numbers on the first book clock I built have broken off, so super glue isn’t necessary if you’re looking for long-term stability. Mine went through a few of relocations, which didn’t help issues.

9. Put the batteries in, set the timer, and relax for years to come!

Diy handmade book clock crafts for men.




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