How to Treat a Jellyfish Sting

Despite the many stings that jellyfish cause, they are one of the most resilient creatures on earth. The famed Japanese Jellyfish Hunter has a secret to dealing with their pain-causing tentacles: he uses them as fishing bait. You can also use your own body heat to relieve some of the discomfort from being stung by a jellyfish and maybe even save yourself in time!

Jellyfish stings are painful and can be dangerous if the sting is not treated in a timely manner. This article will go over how to treat a jellyfish sting and what you should do when you get one.

How to treat a jellyfish sting illustration.

Jellyfish, the world’s most innocent-looking species, make up for their puffy appearance and cloud-like disposition with a powerful arsenal of pain-inducing, often deadly venomous stingers. The sharp barbs found on jellyfish tentacles are known as nematocysts, and they burrow into their prey to trigger painful responses that may vary from moderately annoying to fatal. If a jellyfish stings you, resist the desire to pee on it because you saw it on TV. Follow these basic procedures to properly treat your sting.   

  1. To assist get rid of the loose stringers, rinse the afflicted region with saltwater. Freshwater should be avoided since it might aggravate the wound and activate more nematocysts.
  2. Using an ID or credit card, carefully scrape any leftover stingers from your skin.
  3. Apply ordinary vinegar or a mixture of baking soda and saltwater to the affected area to help destroy nematocysts and slow down the response.
  4. Apply cold packs or rinse the area with hot water that does not exceed 113 degrees F. Select the option that seems to provide you with the greatest relief.
  5. To assist minimize swelling and discomfort, use calamine lotion and take a pain reliever or anti-inflammatory medicine.
  6. Rest and keep an eye on the situation. If you get a rash or have trouble breathing, see a doctor.

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Jellyfish stings are very painful and have the potential to be fatal. They can also cause permanent damage, so it is important to know how to treat them. One way to do this is by using vinegar as a jellyfish sting treatment. Reference: jellyfish sting treatment vinegar.

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