How to Throw Bruce Lee’s 1

There are many ways to throw Bruce Lee’s 1. Here is a list of some popular throwing techniques from the world wide web and YouTube

“The one inch punch” is a technique that was created by Bruce Lee. The 1-inch punch is an effective way to throw your opponent off balance.

Bruce lee's one inch punch tutorial.

Bruce Lee is a legendary figure in the martial arts world. Most of us grew up watching his films, such as Fist of Fury and The Way of the Dragon, but even those who haven’t know him as a multi-faceted and uniquely talented martial artist, actor, director, and philosopher know him as a multi-faceted and uniquely talented martial artist, actor, director, and philosopher.

Lee’s training methods were novel, and his martial arts accomplishments pushed the boundaries of what was possible with the human body. The 1-inch punch is one of his most renowned achievements. During the 1964 Long Beach International Karate Championships, the punch was first recorded on film. Lee is shown standing up with a slack hand hovering an inch in front of a volunteer martial artist’s chest. Lee slams his fist into the man’s chest and sends him crashing into a chair with a swift snap. Lee keeps completely still while the camera rolls.

The 1-inch punch isn’t simply a fantastic party trick reserved for the best martial artists. It’s a demonstration of how your complete body can help with a single stroke or movement.

Most of us think of punching as an arm action when we think about how to do it. The arm is driven by the shoulder, the shoulder is driven by the hips, and the hips are driven by the legs. Consider a baseball player who is attempting to smash a home run while not shifting his hips. It would be unthinkable. The 1-inch punch is in the same boat. It isn’t about a single movement. It’s all about coordinating all of your moves to produce a significant impression. If you do it correctly, the 1-inch punch will feel more like a full-body whip starting with your legs. This is how you do it.

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