How to Throw a Perfect Football Spiral: An Illustrated Guide

It seems like every week a new football player is getting noticed. With NFL draft day coming up soon, we decided to provide the most comprehensive guide on how to throw a spiral yet! We will teach you everything from proper e-motion technique to footwork for different types of throws and more.

The “how to make a good throw in football” is one of the most important skills for any player to have. It’s also one of the most difficult skills because it takes practice and patience.

How to Throw a Perfect Football Spiral: An Illustrated Guide

This week is Thanksgiving. For many American males, Thanksgiving Day entails not only eating turkey and stuffing, but also playing a morning football game with friends and family. We put up this illustrated lesson on how to throw a beautiful football spiral to help you quarterback your team to a Turkey Bowl triumph. Enjoy.

  1. The Hold. There is no one-size-fits-all grip, so choose one that works for you. Peyton and Eli Manning, two-time Super Bowl winners, favor a grip that crosses the second and fifth laces with two fingers — the ring and pinky. Make sure the ball and your hand are apart by a few inches.
  2. With both hands at chest level and feet shoulder-width apart, hold the ball. The target is perpendicular to your body.
  3. With your lead leg, take a step towards your goal. Return your throwing arm to its original position. The elbow should be higher than the shoulder. Rotate your hand slightly so that the ball’s tip is towards your head.
  4. Throw the ball overhanded after quickly rotating forward around your waist.
  5. The act of releasing. The throwing hand and arm should be completely extended toward the target at the time of release. Concentrate on the fingers to produce the ideal spiral. Allow your fingers to linger on the ball for as long as possible, until it just rolls away from your grip. The last portion of your body to contact the ball should be your index finger, which should pronate down.
  6. Your thumb should be looking down and your palm should be facing out when the ball has left your hand. As you complete the throw, bring your back leg forward.
  7. Raise your hands in the air and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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Ted Slampyak created the artwork.



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The “what makes a football spiral” is what makes throwing a perfect spiral so difficult. It can be done with practice and understanding the physics of the throw.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you throw a spiral football step by step?

A: To throw a spiral football, you will need to make an X with your hands. Put the ball in one hand and move the other arm around it so that it is holding on tightly without letting go of the ball. Make sure that both arms are straight from head to toe as well as at 90 degrees from each other. Now bring your arm back up above your chest towards yourself before swinging out over top of the football like you were throwing a baseball (but dont let go). This should send it spiraling into space!

How do you always throw a perfect spiral?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

What is the 1st key to throwing a spiral with a football?

A: When you want to throw a spiral, the position of your feet matters. In order to do this right, it is important that both feet be parallel and stay in contact with the ground at all times. This will keep you stable when throwing spirals while also giving power into each step.,

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