How to Throw a Dynamite Straight Punch: An Illustrated Guide

This illustrated guide is a comprehensive walkthrough of how to throw a dynamite straight punch and what the effects will be. The information in this article can come in handy should you find yourself anywhere that might need it.

The “how to take a punch” is a guide that shows how to throw a dynamite straight punch. The guide comes with pictures and diagrams that illustrate the process.

Open opponent up with some high jabs and a few fakes. End sequence with jab from your non-dominant hand so your dominant hand is ready to throw the straight punch. When your opponent drops his guard, you’re ready to throw your dynamite punch. Bring shoulder and jab hand back while simultaneously throwing the straight punch with your dominant hand. Don’t broadcast the punch; keep elbow in. Right knee points at left knee. Increase your punch’s power by pushing off back foot and twisting hips much like you would swing a baseball bat. Drive toes into ground like you’re squishing a bug. For maximum power, don’t aim at your opponent’s face, but behind it. Punch straight out and straight back. Keep jab hand up to protect against any counters.

A straight punch is a powerful hit to deliver to a combatant. Today, John L. Sullivan is on hand to demonstrate you how to throw this punch with devastating force.

  • With a few high jabs and a couple fakes, you can open up your opponent.
  • Finish the sequence with a job from your non-dominant hand to free up your dominant hand for the straight punch.
  • You’re preparing to fire your explosive punch when your opponent slips his guard.
  • While delivering the straight punch with your dominant hand, bring your shoulder and jab hand back.
  • Keep your elbow in and don’t advertise your punch.
  • The right knee is pointing towards the left knee.
  • Increase the strength of your punch by pushing off your rear foot and rotating your hips like a baseball bat.
  • As if squishing a bug, drives toes into the earth.
  • Aim behind your opponent’s head rather than at his face for maximum force.
  • Right out and straight back with a punch.
  • To defend yourself against counters, keep your jab hand up.

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The “how to throw jab and cross correctly” is a guide that tells you how to throw a dynamite straight punch. This is an illustrated guide, so it will be easy for you to follow along.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do the straight punch?

A: To do a straight punch, you must stand up with your feet at shoulder width or so. You then bend your knees slightly and place one hand on the ground as far from you as possible in order to push yourself off of it while keeping the other arm locked out, palm facing inwards. After this point, bring both hands back together and extend them upwards into an uppercut motion that ends near where they began.

How do you do a straight punch in Taekwondo?

A: One arm straight up, the other arm out to side at a 45 degree angle. The arms are then brought back in front of the body and crossed over one another.

How do you throw a punch like a pro?

A: A professional fighter will not be seen by punching. They use the power of their entire body to generate force, while a beginner might only punch with their hand that is holding the object they are throwing (for example, if you were trying to throw someone off balance).

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