We all have heard about aircraft accidents. Some are caused by human error, while others are caused by natural phenomenon. Still, some mishaps are caused by something that we humans can control. How to survive aircraft accidents is one of those matters. We are going to discuss the correct (and rarely asked) questions to ask and learn how to survive an aircraft accident.

One of the first things that I learned in aviation is that the most important thing for an aircraft accident survivor is to have a strong and stable base. You should make sure that you don’t shake your ankles when you are trying to sit down after being impacted with the outside of the plane. You will also need to make sure that your feet are firmly planted on the floor. This way, it will be easier for you to push off from the ground if your ankles get too shaken up. Don’t forget to keep your hands above your heart, and do not lock your fingers.

If you were a passenger, and the other aircraft was not your fault, then how to survive aircraft accidents would also depend on the type of aircraft as well as on your safety gear. For example, if the other was not full-sized, how to survive an aircraft crash would differ from that of a small plane. Of course, if you were in a small plane, how to survive an aircraft crash depends solely on you. Your body will take the impact, which could result in death, or serious injuries.

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How to survive an aircraft accident also depends on the location of the crash site. The first thing that you should do is to notify the control tower about the accident, even if there are visible flames or smoke from the crash site. You should ask for information on the flight path that the aircraft was following. You should stay on the phone with the tower until the fire is put out or the rescuers have arrived.

How to survive an aircraft crash also depends on weather conditions. Be sure to radio your exact location so that rescuers can locate you quickly. Do not move from your original position unless you have to. The chances of survival increase drastically if you hang onto the dangling rope or other objects available to you. Keep hanging onto these until the rescuers have arrived.

While it is important to be cautious in flying, it is even more important to remain calm when landing on a crash site. Calmly land the aircraft upside down, then remove anything that could trip you down, such as fuel tanks or switches. Hang onto the nearest structure, and make sure you do not run as far away from the crash site as possible, to avoid any danger from falling debris. You could also contact someone at the crash site, to arrange for them to send help for you.

Many pilots will instinctively know when an aircraft has crashed. Stay away from the area for a while, until all the rescuers have been called, and the crash site has been indexed by the crash investigation agency. Learn as much as you can about the crash site and the area of the crash. If you know there is no emergency response facility near the crash site, find another safe location to begin your search.

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Learning how to survive aircraft accidents is your responsibility. Pilots are trained to stay away from crash sites, but in the event of an aircraft going missing, this becomes even more important. If you are a pilot, the best advice is to read the Flight Safety Operating Manual before take-off. It will tell you everything you need to know about your plane and your ability to maneuver it into a safe position in case of an emergency. If you have no training in aviation safety, get some today.

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