How to Survive a Wildfire

Wildfires are a regular occurrence in the United States, but no one knows exactly how to prepare for them. Here’s what you need to know about wildfires and fire safety before anything happens.

The “what to do before a wildfire” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is not easy, but there are some things you can do to protect yourself.

In a single week in October 2017, flames burning throughout northern California burnt almost 200,000 acres, destroyed 8,900 houses, and claimed the lives of 44 people. It was one of the most destructive fire seasons on record — and one of the most expensive, with losses totaling $9.4 billion — but it was also part of a bigger trend. Fire seasons have been beginning earlier, blazing longer, and reaching locations that were previously assumed to be secure from their flames in recent years.

The best way to cope with these wildfires is to keep an eye on if they’re approaching your region and to evacuate as soon as possible if officials order it. However, things might often move too rapidly for you to get out in time. Use the instructions above to get out safely if you’re a hiker caught in a sudden wildfire triggered by lightning or just out on foot someplace and stuck behind a wall of flame.

1: Make sure your clothing are dry. Wet clothes will scald in extreme heat.

2: Cover your mouth with your shirt to avoid breathing big particles.

3: If at all feasible, hightail it downward while remaining low to the earth. Updrafts help fires progress upward quicker, and smoke rises.

4: Take into account the direction of the wind: if it’s blowing toward the fire from where you are, run towards it. If the wind is blowing directly at you from behind the fire, run perpendicular to the wind.

5: When descending, stay away from canyons and chutes, which may funnel lethal heat towards you.

6: If you’re trapped out in the open, go to an area that has previously burned and is less likely to ignite again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the safest place to be during a wildfire?

A: If you are in a building, try to get on the ground. Make sure there is nothing flammable around you and that windows are covered with wet towels or blankets. Be prepared for smoke inhalation so make sure your mask fits tightly over your face and be mindful of whats going on outside as well.

Can you survive a wildfire in a pool?

A: Yes.

What should you not do during a wildfire?

A: It is recommended that you do not put yourself in a position where your safety or life could be at risk. That includes areas with heavy smoke, high winds, and low visibility. You should also avoid areas close to the fire source as they are more likely to explode suddenly.

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