There are 12 ways to teach your kids how to survive a school shooting. The number of deaths from school shootings is growing. You must teach your children to stay alive, as the shooter will most likely reload if there are any kids left alive. The first priority on your list must be to secure your kids and take cover behind at least two coveralls.

One coverage should be the school doorway. If it’s not possible to get to the doorway, try to take the line of fire away from the doorway, either by having the school lock down all entrances or by moving everyone to one side of the classroom and having them take a position in an emergency escape position. Once you have someone on the ground that can shoot, you need to get your child to safety. Find out where the commode is on your floor and set up barriers there with non-breakable objects so your child can throw his or her book and other materials away if need be.

Your second priority is to secure your child with something heavy to throw over the railing. A bookshelf is a good choice because it’s wide and high off the ground. You can also use a couple of pallets nailed together and use them as an obstacle. Cover your child’s head with either a blanket or a stuffed animal and place them securely next to the floor, preferably far away from the gun. If you have a bench, put a chair between the bench and the child to provide additional cover.

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The third way to teach your kids how to survive a school shooting survival guide is to go through the bulletproof vest. Most vests will hold 10 rounds of ammunition, including the pistol cartridge. Secure the pistol with a strong holster that can’t be broken in to and preferably fastened to the vest with a padlock. Practice shooting at targets until the vest is fully loaded.

Teach your kids how to properly use their body armor. To wear the vest, have them lay face down on the ground or on a blanket. Have them line up the bullets vertically from left to right and then shoot. Continue doing this until all pellets are hit. Make sure they are wearing goggles with clear lenses because any fragments or shrapnel will be visible to them. Practice this at home until it comes naturally.

The fourth way to teach your kids how to survive a school shooting is to memorize your shooting routine. Practice this by drawing or going through what you would do in a real situation. For example, have your kids hide behind a sofa until the assailant has stopped shooting. Once he has stopped, get to your hiding spot and wait for him to open fire. When he does, have your kids cover you using either a blanket or any other cover they may have on their body.

The fifth way to teach your kids how to survive a school shooting is to stay indoors. If it is safe to go out, do so. If not, stay in your room and monitor events via television or radio. If the situation appears to be ongoing, call the police. After all, you would not want any children getting hurt because they were caught outside while you were trying to protect them.

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The final way to teach your kids how to survive a school shooting is to memorize your emergency contact information. This can include your name, address, phone number, and e-mails. Put this information together in a bag or somewhere where it will be easy for you to find if you ever need to use it. Remember, not all of your students may know how to use a gun, so make sure that they also have some sort of information available to show that they should call you immediately if they see anything suspicious.

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