How to stay warm in an RV – survival tips for winter RVing! RV’s tend to be cold when they’re parked and even if they have heat they can feel it from their heater or air conditioning. How to stay warm in an RV – survival tips for winter RVing! It can be very cold in the evening and if you are parked you may not be able to get inside to warmth your RV.

If you have an RV and don’t have an inside temperature adjustable, you will want to know how to keep the inside comfortable so that you can stay warm on those long winter nights. First you need to turn off the air conditioner or heater. Now go outside and sit in the snow for a few minutes. In fact, if you have time to spend outside doing something – do so. The snow helps to make the inside of your RV stay warmer.

After a few minutes you should decide if you want to go inside to find that the inside of your RV is still warm. If so – great. That’s going to save you money on a heater or even just using a fan to help keep the inside comfortable. But what if you don’t have access to these things? There are other ways to stay warm in an RV.

You can place a blanket or quilt on the floor of your RV. This will help to keep the inside of the RV from feeling cold even on the coldest of days. Another way to help keep the inside of the RV warm is to place something like heavy blankets on the seats. This is especially true if you have small children with you.

A propane heater can be very helpful for those who don’t have access to electricity or even natural gas. Propane heaters can even help keep the RV at a comfortable temperature. Just be sure to remember to turn them off before you leave. It’s also wise to bring some extra propane fuel because you may run out while you’re camping or traveling through areas where electricity is not available. Some propane heaters even come with their own tanks and plug-ins.

Electric blankets are another option for how to stay warm in an RV – survival tips for winter time trips. These blankets are usually heated, but some models are just ordinary blankets with a built-in heater. Just be sure that they have a long enough cord to reach the farthest corner of your RV. Keep in mind that these electric blankets are very bulky and need to be stored in a place where they won’t get in the way. It’s always a good idea to check out the accessories included with your electric blanket. You might find a handy accessory that will help you stay warm even in colder weather.

Another option for how to keep warm in an RV – survival tips for winter time trips is to use floor mats for covering the bottoms of your feet. This way, you won’t freeze to death in the winter and your feet will be free from thick, bulky shoes. If you’re worried about slippery floors, invest in some safety floor tape. It’s waterproof and will keep the snow and slush from sticking to your bare feet. To make sure that the tape stays put, cover it with a rubber band.

One last tip on how to stay warm in an RV – survival tips for winter trips is to buy some brightly colored light-colored clothing and lots of it. Bright colors will reflect the heat and keep you much cooler than plain black or white clothes will. The old fashion stocking type of winter coat will also do – but don’t try to skimp on it. Make sure the material is lightweight and made of an insulating fabric so you don’t end up shivering at night. And make sure the coat itself is warm enough to keep you comfortable.

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