How to Start a Fire in the Rain

Today, when it’s raining and you want to start a fire, there are plenty of ways to do so. You can light up some rubbing alcohol or gasoline on a lighter and then ignite that with another match. These methods might work if they’re not too wet outside (though this is less likely), but what about the worst-case scenario? What if you have no matches in your pocket or other waterproof container?
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The “how to start a fire with wet wood” is an article that provides instructions on how to start a fire in the rain.

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It’s one thing to know how to light a fire; it’s another to know how to do it in the rain. It’s a crucial skill to have whether you’re a regular camper or a hiker. In an emergency, it may be the difference between life and death, since fire not only offers warmth but also nourishment. (Cutting the bark off a tree should only be done in an emergency; otherwise, the tree may be damaged or even killed.) If you follow the advice above, you’ll never be caught off guard when it comes to starting a fire, even on a wet and rainy journey.

1. Gather tinder. Pine needles dry quickly; tree bark, on the other hand, virtually always has one dry side. (Alternatively, always have a firestarter on hand.)

2. Locate wood for kindling and fuel. To locate dry wood, look for a place with natural shelter, such as a slanting boulder, a fallen tree, or the lower branches of an evergreen.

3. Check to see whether the wood is sufficiently dry. Try snapping the kindling; it should easily break. Spitting branches with a knife will reveal dry wood within.

4. Once you’ve gathered enough wood, decide where you’ll build your fire. A huge tree or a tarp strung between trees are also nice options.

5. Make a bed for your fire to keep it away from the damp ground by using tree bark or building a bed out of branches.

6. Lay the foundation. Make a tinder pile, then cover it with kindling and build a bigger teepee around it with your fuel wood.

7. Light the tinder from below with your stormproof matches, gently blow on it, and watch your fire expand.

8. Place kindling and fuel logs near the fire so they may burn out and be utilized to maintain the fire.

Learn how to produce your own char cloth as a bonus (firestarter).

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When it comes to starting a fire in the rain, you need to find dry wood that will burn. You can use sticks, but if you want to be sure of success, you should also make sure that your tinder is dry. Reference: how to start a fire with sticks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a fire in the rain?

A: I dont know how to make a fire in the rain. You should be able to call 911 for help with that kind of thing.

How do you start a fire with wet wood?

A: You can start a fire with wet wood by building the dry kind of on top of it. This is essentially how fires are started in survival situations, and this is still possible with wet wood as well.

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