How To Spot Fake Law Enforcement When SHTF

What would our society be without the thin blue line? There are people who are very interested in it. I don’t think they’ll like the results. Without this small group of brave people and the unspoken agreement that most of us agree to by obeying the laws, our nation would never be what it is today.

We will become a destabilized, heavily armed and dangerous population, led by warlords and gangs. None of this is good. I don’t care what you think of the nation we inherited.

What about scammers posing as law enforcement officers? It is very popular in other countries. It’s an excellent excitement tactic.

To cross the bridge, you have to pay $50 for a bridge.

If there is massive civil unrest and further destruction of our society, there will be many more cases of these fake cops running around kidnapping women and children, stealing money or even just committing murder.

So how can we spot fake cops?

That’s what it looks like: What happens when the government becomes your worst enemy.

At your door

How to recognize fake police officers as SHTF What does the police force in your area look like? You should know that. If the agent comes to your door, look at it before you open the door.

Look at the uniform, badge, numbers and belt to make sure they have all the service belt parts.

While there are many places selling legal police clothing these days, you can always say you’re not sure and want them to check if it’s the police. There is virtually no reason for a police officer to enter your home unless you give him a reason.

Another mission is to find a police cruiser. Is there a legitimate police vehicle in front of your house? The police won’t come to your house. You park the car in front of the door.

is pulling you to.

For most people, quitting is a stressful experience. That’s part of the question. They are already very excited and want to take it easy. That’s where an imposter will take advantage of your panic. They can be aggressive and make you do whatever they want if you think they are really cops.

Imagine being loaded into a fake police car. What’s the next step?

Fake police car Pay attention to the vehicle used.

Is the car dented, as opposed to a typical police car? Is the light different? Is the siren different from anything else you’ve heard?

Write everything down before you stop. If it bothers you, don’t stop.

There are also several reflective warning signs on the sides and hood of police vehicles. Look it up!


How to spot fake cops when SHTF Police get a tip online, but they rarely contact you. Any interaction with the police through social media or other means should be investigated. Call 911 to make sure it’s what it should be.

Also, do not share information online with the agent. Don’t give an address or anything.

Response to Impersonator

Identifying the fraudster is one thing, but what happens next is of paramount importance. If you confiscate the weapon quickly, it could cost you your life if the imposter turns out to be a real cop! So we have to be smart about what we do after a fake agent is identified.

At your door

If you see a fake police officer at your door, there is one thing you need to do, and you need to do it now.


Call the police and tell the person at the door that you called 911. Ask the operator if there is a police officer at the scene. This can be checked quite easily.

If it’s an imposter, they’re probably already gone. If they keep trying to break into your home, at least you know you’re dealing with a violent intruder and not a police officer. You can also ask the operator to send the police to the scene.

is pulling you to.

How to detect false enforcement when SHTF returns to a 911 operator in a similar situation?

If you are not sure about the vehicle or the person in the vehicle, you can just call emergency services. You can check what’s going on with the police car following you with the lights on.

Go immediately to the nearest police station. It will be an added deterrent to the crook who is after you.


It’s easier because you don’t have to worry so much about direct violence. That’s the worst-case scenario. Online, there is no risk of being arrested or even suffering bodily harm. However, a smart hacker can take advantage of someone who is intimidated by the presence of law enforcement in the online world.

How to spot fake law enforcement officers at a SHTF If you are interviewed online by someone claiming to be a law enforcement officer, just ask a few things.

  • Department
  • Phone number of contact person
  • Contact details for the sheriff or the director

Based on this information, you can easily check whether she is a scammer or not.

That’s what it looks like: When should you talk to the police and when should you keep your mouth shut.

We are going through very strange and dangerous times. Over the past 40 years, the definition of a criminal has blurred. It puts the average citizen at risk. Criminals today are also better informed and better equipped!

It doesn’t take much research and effort to intimidate someone by pretending to be a fake law enforcement officer. It will be much more a matter of finding a suitable victim. Never be the right kind of animal. Know your rights and understand that in most situations you can use the measures we have described to control the police officer.

If you are dealing with a person posing as a police officer, it means your life may be in danger. Someone who is willing to do these things understands the risks, but finds the rewards worth it! Don’t take it personally. As always, be prepared to defend yourself, but take reasonable precautions to protect yourself.

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