How to Siphon Fuel

Early man had to use their ingenuity and resourcefulness in order to survive. This is also true for survival as a gamer, which can be quite challenging at times. In this blog I will go over some of the most common ways players have found success with siphoning fuel while playing zombies games like DayZ or The Long Dark.

If you are looking for a way to siphon fuel without using your mouth, then this is the article for you. This article will teach you how to do it with a variety of methods, including an electric pump and a hand-operated pump.

Basic method illustrated to siphon gas.

One of the most powerful resources available is gasoline. You can drive automobiles, operate machines, and power generators with a source of gasoline. You may use it to ignite fires in the windiest and wettest weather, operate camping stoves, and even clear oil stains. Despite its many advantages, most post-apocalyptic films and television programs begin with images of people hurrying to fill up at the gas station. What to do when you can’t get to a petrol station is the question.  

Siphoning fuel is a vital technique that may be used to any circumstance in which liquids must be transferred from one container to another. Siphoning works by producing a vacuum, which causes water to flow from one place to another. So, whether you’re attempting to aid someone who’s run out of gas in the backwoods or you’re trying to keep your RV going in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, here’s how you siphon some petrol to keep you on the road. All you’ll need is a container to siphon into and enough tubing to reach from the car’s gas tank to the container.

1: Remove the car’s gas cap and insert one end of the hose into the tank.

2: Open your container and prepare to fill it.

3: Suck on the hose’s end like a straw (if the hose is transparent, look for gasoline to pour down the tube into your mouth).

4: As soon as the gasoline enters your mouth, transfer the hose end from your mouth to the container.

5: Immediately spit out any residual gasoline in your mouth and rinse with clean water.

6: Continue siphoning by keeping the container below the level of the gasoline tank.

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The “how to siphon gas with a bulb pump” is an article that explains how to siphon fuel. It also has pictures and diagrams of the process.

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