How to Shuffle Cards: An Illustrated Guide

For more than a century, people have been shuffling cards to create the perfect game of poker. This guide will teach you how to shuffle with ease and confidence so you can always win !

It is important to know how to shuffle cards in order to play poker for beginners. This guide will show you the right way to do it.


Ted Slampyak created the illustration.

The amount of males who don’t know how to shuffle a deck of cards astounds me. However, the next time you play gin rummy, you shouldn’t have to give the deck to your grandfather to shuffle. Learn how to shuffle a deck of cards like Gramps does, and with a little flare to boot!

  1. To make two stacks, rip the deck halfway through with your thumb.
  2. With your thumbs on the top edges and your middle and ring fingers on the bottoms, hold one stack in each hand. Pull the tops of the stacks back with your thumbs to make a tiny bend in the centre. 
  3. Simply slide your thumbs up the top of the card’s edge, releasing the cards and shuffle them. Allow the cards to shuffle on the table to begin. When you grow stronger, you’ll be able to shuffle the cards without them hitting the table.
  4. The cards have been shuffled now. Finish with a cascade for more flare. Put your thumbs on the top card in the deck, where the two stacks intersect.
  5. Curl your index, middle, and ring fingers over the bottom edge of the two stacks and bend the cards in an arch while maintaining pressure with your thumbs.
  6. Allow the cards to flow down by uncurling your fingers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you shuffle cards step by step?

A: If you shuffle cards, you simply pick up the entire stack and then place them back in order. It is not possible to sort a shuffled deck of cards by suit or number. You can however use poker combinations such as Ace-2, 3-4 etc.

What is the most random way to shuffle cards?

A: Some people shuffle cards by just throwing them face-down onto the table. Others organize their decks into piles and then randomly pull 2 at a time from each pile to create new piles, or they might put all of their cards on one side of the table before doing so.

How do you shuffle cards for beginners?


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