How to Shovel Snow

Snow shoveling is a delicate task that requires perfect timing, one hand on the handle and another with your foot. While it may seem simple enough, it can be difficult to know when to start moving snow and stay safe. In addition, you need to make sure all of the snow falls off in front of you before taking any step forward. For this guide we’ll show you how to properly shovel in three easy steps: stopping at each turn for safety measures; making a V-shaped path from where you started heading towards home; and finishing up by clearing away all piles of snow after turning around.).

In order to shovel snow without a shovel, you can use your hands. Read more in detail here: how to shovel snow without a shovel.

Vintage man doing snow shoveling in front of house.

Note from the editor: This is a guest post by Simon Grey. Those of you who live in the perpetually cold portions of the United States already know this, but I thought it would be a fun primer for those who were unexpectedly dumped on by this week’s huge storm. Tulsa received almost 15 inches…a new record!

Certain responsibilities almost usually fall to males. Spiders are being killed. Jar lids that have been trapped. Taking care of clogged toilets. Shoveling snow is extremely difficult at this time of year.

Shoveling snow is a back-breaking and exhausting task. If you have a sixty-foot-long, twenty-foot-wide driveway and six inches of snow, cleaning the driveway entails moving six hundred cubic feet of snow. As a result, it’s a job that needs some major macho muscle.

Shoveling snow is not a very enjoyable task, but it is a great exercise and a great way to get some crisp, fresh air. There are a few techniques to make this task less unpleasant, which we’ll explore today.

Making an Appropriate Appropriate Appropriate Appropriate Appropri

First and foremost, you must dress appropriately for the task at hand. If the temperature outdoors is over twenty degrees, you should dress in light layers. Leather boots, wool socks, jeans, an undershirt, a thermal henley, a red plaid flannel shirt, and gloves are my recommendations. Maybe a hat, but only if it’s really windy.

This suit is best worn when the temperature is over twenty degrees, particularly if you have a lot of shoveling to do. You don’t want to be overdressed since you’ll quickly warm up once you get into the groove of things. This necessitates the wearing of at least two layers; you’ll want to remove one as you start going and warm up.

Vintage man shoveling the snow.

It is recommended that you dress in layers… A sweater vest, however, is not one of them.

Dress warmly if the temperature is below 10 degrees. Wear a bigger coat and a second pair of socks. Wear snow pants if the snow is deep enough. Also, make sure you’re dressed warmly with thermal shirts and leggings.

Snow Removal Techniques

Vintage group of men shoveling snow from sidewalk path.

For Driveways With Limited Space

A shovel will generally work best if you have a short driveway. Make sure you’re using the appropriate shovel for the task. Do not get a plastic shovel; they are cheaply made and will not withstand the demands of moving more than a thin coating of snow. They are quickly broken and cannot withstand ice.

Also, avoid buying a shovel that has been “ergonomically developed.” They don’t provide any major advantages to your lower back when compared to regular shovels, and scooping snow with them is somewhat more difficult.

Instead, choose a shovel with a straight wooden handle and a metal blade that is strengthened. You’ll discover that they are the simplest to deal with and that they’re also rather durable.

The procedure for shoveling a driveway is quite straightforward: first, shovel a line down the driveway’s border on the windward side. It’s not a good idea to shovel against the wind. After that, shovel the snow from that route to the driveway’s opposite side. The wind will assist you if you need to hurl snow over the driveway.


Driveways of a Mid-Length

You should probably utilize a snow blower if your driveway is mid-length. There are several kinds and varieties to choose from, and each will most likely have its own unique beginning procedure. Instructions may be found in the owner’s manual.

Also, keep in mind that snow blowers are quite hazardous. When the snow blower is running, never put your hands in the snow chute or scoop.

It’s quite easy to use a snow blower: plow down one side of the driveway and then make your way to the other side. Make certain that all of the snow is blown in the same direction. Also, blow the snow with the wind rather than against it. This is a harsh lesson that must be learned the hard way.

Driveways That Are Too Long

Use a vehicle with a snow blade attached if you have a lengthy driveway. This is also a rather straightforward procedure: drive the truck into the driveway, drop the blade, and remove the snow. However, be careful to warm up the vehicle first; you don’t want to damage your engine or drive in a freezing cab. If your roadway has already been cleaned, consider pushing the snow to the side of your driveway or across the street. Nobody, including you, wants to drive into or around a snowdrift.

Driveways of All Shapes and Sizes

This is a job you should be proud of, so do it correctly. Keep salt on hand in case sections of snow melt. Make a point of cleaning the whole driveway as thoroughly as possible. If required, break up compacted snow. If you’re plowing with a truck, bring a shovel to clear snow that the blade can’t reach. You want your driveway to seem as though snow has fallen around it rather than on it.

It’s also vital to keep in mind that your family will be driving and walking on this, so don’t leave any ice or snow for them to fall on. Finally, keeping your driveway clean isn’t only a matter of pride; it’s also an issue of safety.

Men shoveling snow from the roof of house.

Don’t forget about the roof, too!

Make an Exceptional Attempt

You may as well make the most of the fact that you’ll be outdoors in the cold. If you have the time, shovel snow to a specific area of the yard in order to construct a snowman or a snow fort.

Vintage group of men making snow fort.

You may also teach your boys how to shovel snow, which is a macho skill. Give them a few more shovels and demonstrate your distinctive approach (and by special technique I mean dad watches the kids shovel snow from inside the warm house). You may teach them how to start and utilize a snow blower if you have one. If you’re feeling really daring, show them how to plow the driveway using the truck and snow blade.


Vintage little boy shoveling snow from driveway.

It’s time for Billy to start working for a living.

Remember that a guy is constantly on the lookout for others. So, if you live next door to an elderly woman, shovel her driveway and path as well.

When You’ve Completed

You’ll need to clean the snow off your boots when you go back inside. When doing so, be respectful to others. Don’t drag slush and snow inside the home, and don’t leave your footwear in places where they’ll be tripped over. Put your damp boots and garments in the laundry room, mudroom, or garage if at all feasible.

Now get a nice book or a newspaper, as well as a hot cup of coffee or cocoa. Make sure to unwind since you’ve worked hard for it!

What additional snow shoveling advice do you have, seasoned veterans?



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to shovel snow?

A: The best way to shovel snow is by using a wide-bladed tool that has been heated in order to reduce the risk of injury.

Should you shovel snow or leave it?

A: This is a tough question as there are many different opinions. That said, this guide should help you decide what the best option for your situation might be.

When should you start shoveling snow?

A: You want to start shoveling snow when you see that the temperature is below freezing and theres at least 12 inches of snow on the ground.

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