How to Shoot Clay Pigeons

Clay pigeons are a popular survival game. They can be found in the wild or purchased from many local stores that sell hunting and shooting supplies. You start by shooting as many clay pigeons as you like, with no limitations on how far away they must be to hit them and without being penalized for missing one shot.

The “how to shoot clay pigeons for beginners” is a tutorial that will teach you how to shoot clay pigeons. The tutorial includes tips and tricks that will help you become a better shooter.

How to shoot clay pigeons illustration.

Target shooting has been practiced for more than a century. In its earliest iterations, fans packed glass balls with feathers and then waited for them to be blown apart in mid-flight by their buddies. It has progressed from a relaxing day of hunting practice to a highly competitive international sport since then. Sadly, the feather-filled balls are no longer available. Clay pigeons are becoming the most popular target.

Clay pigeons appear more like thick tiny Frisbees than genuine birds, resembling a pigeon about as much as a cat resembles a television. However, because of their disc-like structure, they can glide through the air fast and reliably. If it’s your first time at the range, put on suitable eye and ear protection and spend some time familiarizing yourself with the gun and its safety features before loading a cartridge. Finally, determine which of your eyes is dominant before throwing your first clay pigeon. When you’re firing, keep one eye closed and aim with the other. Extend your arm and point, covering a faraway object with the tip of your finger while keeping both eyes open to establish your dominant eye. Close your left eye while keeping your finger above the thing. You have right-eye dominance if your finger continues to hide the item. Otherwise, aim with your left eye.

As you stare down the barrel with your dominant eye, the rifle stock should be firmly on your shoulder and your face should be placed against the top.

As soon as the day pigeons are tossed, train your gun on them, then back up and aim slightly ahead of the pigeon’s flight path before shooting. Throughout your shot, keep the gun moving.

Because the pigeon’s flight path will stay steady, drill a few shots with different lead times until you obtain a hit.

For reduced shoulder strain and quicker shots, use low recoil loads in your shotgun.

Maintain a straight back leg with your leading foot directed in the direction of the goal.

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The “trap shooting lead chart” is a chart that shows how much weight of lead to use for different distances.

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