How to Settle Your Mind

Our mind can be a powerful tool. It lets us focus on the things that matter, and it is even responsible for empathy and compassion. We need our minds to survive in today’s harsh world, but what happens when an issue has your brain spinning? The answer could lie with meditation…

The “how to calm your mind from overthinking” is a way that can help you settle your mind. This method will help you stop thinking about things that are not important and focus on the things that matter most.

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The contemporary man’s existence is often frantic. Exams must be aced, bills must be paid, diapers must be changed, and obnoxious coworkers must be dealt with. Unfortunately, we all too infrequently carve out time in our days to de-stress and clear our heads.

Every man needs periods of silence and repose, not just to process what has happened in his life but also to think about nothing at all. Simply to clear his thoughts and be present in the moment, allowing his worries to go away. Traditional meditation is an excellent method for doing this. But I’ll be honest with you: I don’t have the self-control to sit motionless and focus on my breathing for lengthy periods of time. And I find that doing something repetitive with my hands makes it simpler for me to enter a meditative state. While the rest of the brain is resting, these repeated actions offer it something to do. You’ll recognize the wisdom in this if you’ve ever had a brilliant thought while showering, doing dishes, or brushing your teeth.

Simple, repetitive actions that keep your hands occupied are some of the finest methods to calm your mind, find peace from your troubles, and obtain inspiration for your choices. So here are six masculine suggestions for achieving a sense of calm in your life:

Keeping Your Shoes Shiny

Vintage man shining his shoes in the Aeroplan.

Shining your shoes may seem to be a bother, but as many of you learned during our 30-Day Challenge to Become a Better Man, it can really be extremely soothing. The fragrance, the equipment, and the technique all contribute to a task that is really fulfilling. Seeing your scuffed shoes converted into gleaming beauties is a good metaphor for life; a little elbow grease can fix any problem. Also, have a look at our illustrated guide and movie on the subject.

Fly fishing is a popular sport in the United States.

Vintage man doing fly fishing while standing in the river.

While all types of fishing may improve your mood, none is more effective than fly fishing. Fly fishing blends the tranquillity of the outdoors with the irrepressible stress-relieving power of repetitive casting. Nothing will put you in a zen-like condition like the sound of your line whipping back and forth.

a game of catch

Vintage Victorian couple playing catch on the side of river.

Since we graduated from Little League, many of us haven’t picked up a baseball glove. However, just because you aren’t playing in a league doesn’t mean your glove should be tucked up in the back of your wardrobe. Simply playing catch may help you relax and is more enjoyable than you would think. When Kate and I are stuck on an article and have writer’s block, we put on our gloves and toss the ball back and forth in the office. It is quite beneficial.


Vintage man whittling hands pocket knife.

Gramps did it, and you should do it as well. Men’s hands were designed to create, to transform ordinary items into something extraordinary. And whittling is nothing more than a little version of the macho art of carpentry; all you need is a stick and a pocketknife. Start practicing and you’ll be creating your own chess set in no time.



Vintage man splitting and chopping the wood.

This is something I had the opportunity to try for the first time this summer in Vermont. It was, without a doubt, a really fulfilling event. There’s simply something about swinging that hefty axe and getting that terrific sensation as it cracks the log and splits it apart. Even though my rookie efforts were good for the soul, I still had a long way to go in terms of regularly splitting the logs all the way through in one stroke.


Vintage boxer practicing the speed ball bag.Working exercise is a well-known and unbeatable stress reliever, whether it’s running along a rural road or pumping iron. It not only keeps your hands occupied, but it also occupies your whole body as your mind wanders. The irritations of the day are discharged via perspiration when your blood pressure rises and your testosterone rises. Some individuals like working out with a partner, but I prefer to be alone and completely immersed in my own thoughts. Working out outside has been demonstrated to significantly improve the stress-relieving effects of exercise, so go outside and move your body.

What do you do to relax and unwind? Please let us know in the comments section.



The “how to calm down” is a guide that will teach you how to settle your mind. It’s important to know how to calm down because it can help with anxiety and stress.

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