How to Save a Marriage

When a marriage is on the rocks, “saving” it doesn’t mean repairing everything. It means recognizing that some things are irreparable and working to create an environment where both people can continue with their lives.

“How to save a marriage when there is no trust” is the question that many couples are asking themselves. There are many ways to fix this issue, but it usually starts with communication.

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Do you have a stale marriage? According to studies, many couples begin to complain about their relationship being stale and dull after three years of marriage. It’s no wonder, however, that most marriages end within the first three years.

How can you overcome marital dread and, as a result, avoid divorce? The solution is simple: start dating your wife again.

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Do you recall how you felt when you first started dating your wife? You were looking forward to spending time with her. You’d contact her simply to check how she was doing. You’d give her a lovely evening out or a tiny present as a surprise.

You may rekindle your marriage by remembering how you felt when you first started dating your wife. Marriage is like to a fire. It will rapidly go out if you do not tend to it and fuel the flame. It is not necessary to organize large vacations to enrich a marriage; little and simple activities will suffice. Here are four easy strategies to rekindle your relationship with your wife by dating her again.

Love’s Expressions

When you initially started dating, you undoubtedly told your wife “I love you” hundreds of times a day. Despite this, some men might spend days without expressing their wives they love them after a few years of marriage. “I already show my wife I love her by working long hours to care for the family and mowing the yard,” is a typical reason men use for not expressing their wives they love them. While it’s true that love can and should be conveyed via deeds, women need to hear it. Hearing it come from your mouth is soothing to them.

Also, when was the last time you complimented your wife on her appearance? This is especially important if your wife becomes overly pampered. I’ve been in trouble before for neglecting to tell my wife how beautiful she looks when she’s all dolled up. Even if you believe your wife is attractive, she cannot read your thoughts. Tell her by opening your mouth.

Try drafting a message to your wife that communicates your affection in addition to telling her you love her. My wife loves it when I write her a brief letter or send her an email telling her how lovely she is or how much I adore her. It demonstrates to your wife that you were thinking about her throughout the day.


You undoubtedly tried your hardest to be a gentleman when you first started dating your wife. When she was chilly, you opened doors for her or offered her your coat. If you wanted to win her over, you had to do these things. All of this, however, most likely came to a stop a few weeks after the wedding.

Chivalry isn’t solely reserved for romance. After the wedding, courtesy and attention for your bride are just as crucial as they are before. Perform little actions of compassion and civility with your wife every day. Be on time for her appointments, open the vehicle door for her, and bring her lunch for work or school.



When was the last time you purchased an inexpensive present for your wife only to please her? Small presents communicate that you’ve been thinking about your lady throughout the day. Get something for your wife that you know she would like. If she like flowers, send them to her on a regular basis. Don’t wait for a special occasion to purchase flowers, such as Valentine’s Day. If you purchase them simply because you were thinking about her, she will be 10 times happier. If she has a favorite magazine, buy her a copy the next time you’re in the supermarket.

A present does not have to be a physical item. It may also be provided as a service. While she’s gone, clean the home or leave her a twenty-minute message.

A word of caution about gifts: don’t give them only to get sex. I heard a sad tale of a lady who would cry and break down every time her husband brought flowers home because she assumed it indicated he was just looking for sex. You shouldn’t treat your wife like a prostitute by attempting to purchase her with money. Give things only to make her happy. If she’s content, you’ve succeeded.

Having a Date Night

You probably brought your wife out every weekend when you first started dating her. You may have gone to Taco Bell, but you made an effort to spend an evening with her. When was the last time you and your wife really went out on a date?

Set up a date night with your wife and consider it as precious time. When you’re planning your week, set out an hour every week to take your wife out. If a meeting is required, postpone it. Find a babysitter if you have children. If you can’t afford a babysitter, contact another young couple with children and propose a babysitting swap. They will look after your children when you and your wife are gone, and you will look after their children while they are out.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your date night. Eating pancakes at IHOP followed by reading magazines at Borders is a date night that my wife and I both like. A date night may even include a trip to the ice cream shop. The goal is to just get out of the home and spend quality time with each other.

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Plan a beautiful date for your wife once in a while to surprise her. When guys arrange a night out, women are ecstatic. Make reservations at a place you know she’ll like. Pick select an outfit for her and spread it out on the bed for her. Surprise her at the door with your suit and a bunch of flowers when she returns home from work or school. Your wife will melt right in front of your eyes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save my marriage by myself?

A: I cant help you with that.

How do you save a marriage when the love is gone?

A: Well, you should probably figure out what needs to happen for the love in your marriage to be brought back. If one of you is going through a really rough time and its affecting both people negatively then maybe there could be some changes made that would help bring them closer together again.

How do you know if your marriage can be saved?

A: It can be saved if you are willing to do anything for your spouse.

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