We all know about the importance of knowing how to read food expiration dates. Knowing this information is vital in order to ensure that your food remains safe for consumption and that you do not become sick from consuming contaminated food. You may not like to think that the date you purchased a particular food passed, but it could very well happen. If you do not follow these easy guidelines on how to read food expiration dates then you could be putting yourself in danger.

How To Read Food Expiration Dates The first step in knowing how to read this type of date is being able to identify the expiration date on the package of food in question. This can usually be done simply by placing the date on the label of the food. This date should always be on the top of the package or, if there is one, underneath it. If you are unsure as to what this represents, then you may want to also ask a salesperson for assistance. They should be able to give you the correct definition and explanation of expiration dates for foods.

How To Read Food Expiration Dates In general most foods will indicate an expiration date on the package. The first line on the date is usually a number, which indicates the day that the food is expected to expire. The expiration date will appear at the bottom of the package. The next line will tell you how long the food has been stored for. This information should be compared to the date on the package to determine if there are any obvious signs of contamination.

How To Read Food Expiration Dates Sometimes there are situations where food is stored for a longer period of time than its stated expiration date. If this is the case, you should double check the date. Many stores do not mark an expiration date unless it has been more than a year since the food was packed. If it has been more than a year then it is not likely that the food has gone bad. If you see that it is not marked then it is very likely that it is in fact spoiled or contaminated.

How To Read Food Expiration Dates If you need to know how to read a food or restaurant expiration date then you will need to understand what each symbol means. The UPC or United States Certificate Of Registration is the most common symbol used. This symbol will always start with the letter “P” followed by numbers ranging from zero to nine. These are also followed by a dash and then the expiration date.

How To Read Food Expiration Dates The top part of the UPC will always contain the words “expiration” followed by numbers ranging from zero to nine. This is followed by a question mark and a slash symbol. The date will also be contained in this area. An individual can determine when an item is considered expiration aged by reading the last sale date or expiration date. This date will indicate the last time any portion of the product was prepared, packed or stored.

How To Read Food Expiration Dates If you are purchasing any type of food at a grocery store then it is highly recommended that you learn how to read expiration dates before you purchase your food. Many suppliers place these expiration dates on their packages as a safety precaution. Before you leave the store with your groceries check the date on the package. If there is a date then you have basically completed one of the two steps in this article. Next you must find out how long the product has been allowed to age.

How To Read Food and Restaurant Expiration Days The second step is to check the expiration dates on sealed packages. When a food product goes out of date, it is considered to be a bad product. You may want to call the manufacturer and tell them that your product needs to be checked for expiration and when it should be re-closed for sale. They may decide to re-open your package and re-date it to meet your desired expiration date.

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