How to Put Your Head Through a Piece of Paper

In this article, we will talk about how to successfully perform a “Head Through a Piece of Paper” trick without any injuries.

The “how to fit through a piece of paper” is a technique that will allow you to pass through the smallest possible gaps. This is useful for escaping from tight spaces, and it can also be used as a prank on friends.


Do you have the ability to push your head through a sheet of paper? This might appear unattainable even with a full-size sheet of printer paper. It seems that doing it with only a strip of paper is much more difficult.

Challenging someone to push their head through a sheet of paper is a hilarious prank since it seems impossible at first, but once you figure out the secret, it becomes deliciously enlightening. This is how it goes:

Step 1: Fold a piece of paper in half. 


When you perform it with smaller pieces of paper, the difficulty is much more astounding. It may be done with as little as 2 X 5.5 inches of paper.

Step 2: Fold the paper lengthwise in half.


Step 3: Score the folded side of the paper with around 12 cuts.


Make sure you don’t cut all the way through.

Step 4: Cut along the open side, in between the folds you just formed on the folded side.


Make sure you don’t cut all the way through.


This is how it should seem.

Step 5: Cut across the fold, starting from the inside of the initial cut and working your way out.


Do not cut through the paper’s edges.

Step 6: Unfurl the scarf and place it on your head.




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The “tricks games” is a game that has been around for many years. It is a game in which the player must put their head through a piece of paper. If they succeed, they will get to see what is on the other side.

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