How to Pull Yourself to Safety

It is important to be prepared for many possible scenarios. No matter how well you prepare, there will always be unexpected consequences so it’s best to plan ahead and hope for the best.

The “proper pushing and pulling techniques” are important when trying to pull yourself to safety. It is important that you know how to use your body weight in a way that will help you get out of the water.

Men saving the life of drowning woman in river.

Note from the editor: Chad Howse contributed this guest article. Every other week, Chad will offer Art of Manliness readers a workout focusing on gaining the strength and fitness required to perform a heroic feat as part of our hero training series. It’s simply a fun approach to concentrate on practical fitness and drive yourself to be in shape, even if you never have to step in to rescue the day!

Let’s begin by setting the scene:

With the bad guys chasing you down a crocodile-infested river, a fedora on your head, and a waterfall looming around the bend, you’re on your way. The current is strong, leaving your boat’s oars almost unusable. The river would wash you beneath and towards the waterfall if you got out of the boat.

It’s just you and your cargo: a lovely young girl who has gotten herself into a mess that you must now clean up.

You observe a tree limb dangling over the river up ahead. If you can catch the branch as you pass beneath it, you’ll be able to climb to safety with the young girl on your back while seeing your boat plunge down the falls.

It’s a make-or-break scenario. There’s just one problem:

Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

We’ll be concentrating on three characteristics of strength for this hero mission:

  1. Pulling strength and endurance in our upper body.
  2. The strength and endurance of our grasp.
  3. Our fundamental competency. This endeavor will need a lot of stability.

We’ll be undertaking a hard exercise to earn these talents. You’ll be given a list of workouts to help you get the strength you’ll need to be a hero in this circumstance. We’re dropping the reps and increasing the weight since we’ll be pulling more than we can handle (the young lady).

We’ll conduct a challenge-based exercise since it’s the most realistic way to prepare for a real-life event. There will be no rest periods or pauses in situations like these. Either you succeed or you fail.

Depending on your fitness level, the weights used in the exercises are divided into three categories: beginner, moderate, and advanced.

You don’t want to waste time setting up the different workouts, so have each station ready before you start the challenge. Start the clock as soon as you begin the first exercise. Go through each exercise one at a time, pausing only when you can’t go any more. Stop the clock when you’ve completed the last rep of the previous exercise: this is your score.

Workout for the Pulling to Safety Challenge

Unless otherwise specified, do 30 repetitions of each exercise.

To be used as a weight (3 categories):

  • Beginner: 45 pounds, intermediate: 90 lbs, advanced: 155 lbs. Bent-over row – beginner: 45 lbs, intermediate: 90 lbs, advanced: 155 lbs.
  • Beginner: 20 pounds, intermediate: 40 lbs, advanced: 80 lbs. Farmer’s stroll
  • Curls with a barbell – 45 lbs for beginners, 65 lbs for intermediates, and 95 lbs for advanced.

1. Chin-ups alternated using a rope or towel


2. Use a rope or a towel to do a bent-over row.

3. Farmer’s stroll – total of 60 seconds

4. Curls with a barbell

5. Plank – total duration of 120 seconds

20 repetitions of the hanging leg raise



Exercise Suggestions:

Alternate chin-ups with cable lat pull-downs if chin-ups aren’t a possibility.

Keep your hips locked in place and your lower back straight while doing a bent-over row. During this lift, your lower body should not move.

Grab some hefty dumbbells for the farmer’s stroll. If the specified weights aren’t heavy enough, add more. Squeeze the dumbbells in a proper posture with your shoulders back and chest out. Slowly go around the block.

Curls with a barbell – aim to keep swinging to a minimum during this workout.

Keep your core engaged and your back flat during the plank.

Hanging leg raises – Depending on your fitness level, you have two possibilities here. If you can perform a complete rise all the way to the bar, go for it. If not, increase to half-height. Throughout the workout, try to maintain your torso steady and just move your legs.

Chase Down a Purse Snatcher Workout is part of the Hero Training Workout Series. Getting Ready for a Safety Workout Carry a Person to a Place of Safety Lift an Object from a Distressed Person Workout Workout for Leaping Ability Putting Everything Together

Chase Down a Purse Snatcher Workout is part of the Hero Training Workout Series. Getting Ready for a Safety Workout Carry a Person to a Place of Safety Lift an Object from a Distressed Person Workout Workout for Leaping Ability Putting Everything Together

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The “pulling objects” is a technique that allows you to pull yourself to safety. It can be used in many situations, but it’s most commonly seen when someone falls and they need to get themselves out of danger.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you be safe by yourself?

A: If you are in a public place, there is someone who can help. On the other hand, if youre at home by yourself and feel unsafe, call 911. Also stay away from drug dealers and people that look like they may have weapons on them or with their friends; dont go up to strangers.

What are the 4 steps in safe lifting?

A: The 4 steps in safe lifting are:
1. Get the weight overhead, 2. Bend your knees, 3. Keep your back straight and keep it up, 4. Push with your legs to return to start position

Is safety a push or pull?

A: Safety is a push, pull.

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