“Screens and Teens: Survival Tips for Parents on the Technology battlefield” is a DVD with handy tips and techniques to keep kids safe on mobile devices. This is part of a multi-pronged approach by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) to help parents cope with new technologies. It includes educational videos, books, and a special safety kit. The video is available at ScreensandTeens dot com.

Parents are using mobile devices to connect and interact with their children more often, which presents many new security and privacy issues. Parents should consider purchasing parental controls for phones and PDAs. These devices may be used as means of filtering calls, playing music, viewing and listening to web pages, and transmitting data. Parents should purchase software that controls the functions and settings on the parental controls on the devices they use to protect their children. Some manufacturers offer parental controls in hardware or software. Software can be controlled with a PDA or cell phone.

Teens also have access to wireless cell phones. These devices provide much more freedom than cell phones. However, parents should monitor their teens’ usage of phones to make sure they are not downloading anything of value to cell phones that can be accessed by other people.

Another issue that arises is the issue of being able to control what teens view and where they see it. Smartphones give virtually unlimited access to the internet, which can be accessed by anyone anywhere in the world. The potential for inappropriate viewing is high. Many teens carry around laptops, which can easily be used to view inappropriate materials. For example, one child could be viewing pornography on a laptop while another child is using the phone to call their friend.

Teens are not the only group of children who can be prey to this type of situation. Children watching television are at risk of being exposed to inappropriate material as well. Cell phones allow the use of cameras to view the contents of another person’s cell phone. This can include pictures, videos and images. Parents must be aware of the contents of their children’s devices and must monitor what their children view and where they view it.

Parents need to consider the use of parental controls and other software to keep their children safe. Teens should be instructed on how to use parental controls on the devices they use to access the internet. This software can block inappropriate websites and can also limit the chat room use. There may be specific websites that are off limits for children.

Other options for monitoring are available for parents that do not want to install monitoring software. For example, there are hidden cameras that can be attached to a child’s wireless device or they can be concealed within a video game. Teens can also be monitored by a computer with a Web cam program. Parents can choose whether to have real time video streaming or real time recording in an audio format.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Parents need to stay abreast of the emerging technologies so that they know what their children are doing on their cell phones or how they are using the devices. It takes only one misstep or mistake to expose their child to a dangerous software or device. The dangers are too great for parents to ignore. This is one reason why every parent needs to install parental controls and use other protective measures when it comes to their teenager’s cell phones.

Teenagers today spend more time socializing online than any other time in history. As a result, their use of devices and the programs installed on them are being used by more teens than ever before. The problem with this is that their time online can easily be used for inappropriate purposes. They may be chatting with friends, trying to locate someone they know, or perhaps they are a teenager trying to convince a younger sibling to get into trouble. All of these things can negatively impact their social life and career opportunities.

There are many devices and software options available for parents that help them monitor what their teens are doing. One of the best ways is with parental controls. These are designed to block specific websites or applications that can be used to access inappropriate material. They also make it easier for parents to block inappropriate content from entering their homes by using a variety of filters.

If you are a parent and want to learn how to protect your children from exposure to harmful content, there are a number of excellent products available. Many of these are available as a free download from the manufacturer’s website. Some of the best are designed to work seamlessly with your existing devices so that you can easily block inappropriate content without having to delete or disable your other devices. Parents are becoming increasingly savvy about the importance of installing these types of parental controls. It is a clear sign that teenage technology is quickly advancing and parents need to keep abreast of the newest advances.

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