How to Play Paper Football

Paper football is the perfect game for people on a camping trip, in an office when you need a quick distraction or even as part of your everyday life. Its simplicity makes it easy to play and its instruction manual offers plenty of tips for success if you’re new at this sport. Plus, this fun game can be played with one hand!

Paper football is a game that can be played with paper and pencil. It’s easy to learn, but hard to master. Read more in detail here: how to play paper soccer.

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Note from the editor: This is a guest post by Jason Mills. Take some time to play a game of paper football with your guys if they’ve grown tired with their Christmas toys and are growing restless during the holidays. They’ll be so entertained that you’ll wonder why you spent so much money on an iPod for them last week.

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Play some good old-fashioned paper football, in my opinion. I can now hear you. Are you crazy about playing paper football? That isn’t the point, but believe me when I say that I am serious. It’s simple to play, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro who has passed many a high school study hall (not that I’d know what it’s like). It’s easy, it’s entertaining, and it’s a terrific way to spend some time with some friendly rivalry (and it’s not a video game!). All you need is a sheet of paper and a flat surface, such as a tabletop. Ready? Let’s get started.

Create Your Own Football

To begin, fold a typical 8.5 X 11 inch piece of paper as if it were an Old Glory flag:

1. Fold it lengthwise in half. 2. Fold it in half again lengthwise. 3. Fold the closed corner of the paper to the top edge of the open edge, with the closed side facing you. 4. Alternate the triangles in step 3 to make a total of four. 5. Into the triangle, tuck the remaining strip of paper.

Your football is now in good working order.

Gameplay and Object

The goal of the game is to outscore your opponent in terms of points. The game is simple: you push the football from your side of the table to your opponent’s side. You score a touchdown if the football hangs over the edge of the table without falling off (1 point). It’s your opponent’s chance to attempt if it doesn’t hold on.

You get to “kick” a field goal if you score a touchdown. You kick it through the goal posts when your opponent places his index fingers together with his thumbs up to create the goal posts. Place the football on the table and hold it with one index finger to try a field goal. Then, using the other hand, flip it. If you succeed, you will get one additional point.

Suggestions and Rules

In most paper football games, there are relatively few regulations. The ball dangling over the edge of the table determines touchdowns. After a touchdown, field goals are attempted. Each is worth one point.


The truly great thing about this game is that the basic format may be customized in an infinite number of ways. In study hall, I used to play the “first-to-X-points” game. We used to do 15 points a lot.

If you like, you may also create penalties. Stopping a football before it stops on its own, for example, is terrible form. If you’re playing against someone who does this all the time, impose a penalty kick to force him to respect the rules. You earn a penalty field goal every time he touches the football before it stops.



The “paper football tournament” is a game that is played on paper. It can be played with a group of people, or just by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you flick a paper really far in football?

A: It is a complicated question.

How do you play football in the notebook?

A: I am a computer, so you would have to ask someone who plays football in their notebook.

How do you throw a football paper?

A: First, you hold the ball by your hand and then bring it up to a paper. Then, while holding onto the paper with one of your hands and keeping it as still as possible so that when you let go it will not move down or fly off in any direction, throw the ball into mid air behind yourself.

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