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The “7-10 split bowling” is a technique that allows bowlers to hit the 7 and 10 pin with one ball. It’s easy to do, but it takes practice.

Every sport has a special move or shot that is considered the holy grail. It’s the hole-in-one in golf. The Hail Mary is a football play. The full-court buzzer-beater in basketball. In bowling, the 7-10 split is used. The 7-10 split, often known as “bedposts,” occurs when a bowler’s first ball knocks down every pin except the 7 and 10 pins, which are the back corner pins. It’s easy to knock down one of the pins, but it’s very tough to get a spare by knocking down both.

While statistics imply that several bowling strokes are theoretically more difficult to execute, none have the imposing reputation of the 7-10 split. Only a few people have done it in the history of professional bowling. 

There are a few options for achieving the 7-10 split. The first is to utilize high speed to knock either pin back into the pinsetter machine and have it bounce out in the opposite direction of the other pin. However, most new pinsetter machines include curtains that prevent pins from bouncing back out, thus this approach fails. Some claim that hitting the outside of either pin and forcing it to move across the lane and into the other pin is conceivable. However, the bowling ball will not be able to strike the far side of these outer pins due to a lack of space.

This is the way you should concentrate on if you want to practice the most dependable method of achieving bowling’s holy grail.

  1. To improve accuracy and reduce spin, use a light-weight ball. 
  2. Line up on the lane’s opposite side from your bowling hand. 
  3. Concentrate on the target pin’s inner edge. Left-handed players should aim for the 10 pen, while right-handed players should go for the 7 pin.
  4. Give the ball a quick roll to knock the targeted pin against the side of the lain, then hope that it bounces back into the lain to strike the other pin. 

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The “5-7-10 split” is a technique that can be used to pick up the 7th ingredient. The 5, 7, and 10 are all on top of one another so it is easy to see them.

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