How to Perform the Fireman’s Carry

The fireman’s carry is a basic life-saving technique used to rescue victims from the side of a cliff. Learn how to perform this lifesaving move with our step by step tutorial!

A fireman carry a child in the poster of frys.

So you’ve worked up the courage to carry someone to safety… Accomplish you, however, know how to do it? The “fireman’s carry” is something that every men should be able to do. It’s a good strategy to spread someone’s weight so you can transport them across great distances with little effort. Here’s how you do it:

1. Raise the sufferer to his or her feet. If they’re dead to the world, this isn’t a simple assignment. Begin by turning them onto their stomachs and kneeling next to their heads. Wrap your arms over their back and beneath their armpits. Raise the sufferer to a standing position. It’s better to lift using your legs rather than your back.

2. Shift your weight to your right leg and place it between the legs of the victim. With your left hand, grab the victim’s right hand and drape it over your shoulder. Wrap your arm over the back of the victim’s right knee with your head beneath his right armpit. Squat and place his body against your shoulders. Attempt to distribute his body weight evenly on both sides.

3. With your right hand, grab the victim’s right hand. Your left hand is now free to judo chop potential attackers.

4. Get your victim to safety.

Here’s a diagram to help you out:

How to keep man in case of fire burning illustration.