How to Pack a Bag Using the Ranger Roll

The Ranger Roll is the best way to pack a bag and keep your belongings safe during any camping trip. The technique starts by rolling up clothes, then placing them in a sock before wrapping each in plastic wrap or an old t-shirt.

The “how to army roll clothes for packing” is a survival technique that can help you pack your bag quickly and efficiently. The process is simple, but requires some practice.


You’ll acquire some new life skills when you join the military. What is the best way to make a bed? How to make your shoes sparkle. Also, how to pack a backpack efficiently.

We received a lot of answers when we asked past and current military members who follow AoM on Instagram for their best packing suggestions. The most popular suggestion was to learn to roll your garments. 

An efficient packing method The Ranger or Army Roll is a manner of “folding” your clothing that makes them both compact and neat, whether you’re a soldier going on a deployment or a civilian going on vacation. It makes your garments seem like tight, well-rolled burritos and reduces the amount of wrinkles and bag space they take up. Ranger-rolled clothing take up less room and make your bag more orderly. You may also fold up your clothes — shirt, socks, and underwear — into a single, action-ready bag on the latter front.

The Ranger Roll’s sole drawback is that it takes longer to do than simpler folds – at least until you’ve practiced a lot and mastered the technique. To make this approach work, you must concentrate on forming a good, tight roll for each item of clothing. However, the time savings is worth it since it enables you to pack more in a single bag, which saves you from lugging around numerous pieces of luggage and paying the additional baggage costs if you’re flying. 

We’ll show you how to Ranger roll four different articles of clothes in the video below. You’ll be packing your suitcase like a seasoned veteran in no time if you follow the directions with military-style accuracy.

If you’re interested about what other packing advice was shared in our Instagram poll, here are some of the most popular comments (thank you to everyone who shared their advice! ):

  • Collect and put together everything you’ll need, then set it out to make a visual checklist before packing it in your suitcase.
  • Pack the items you’ll need the most on top of the bag and in easy-to-access side compartments.
  • Pack the heavier items first; the lighter items will fit between the crevices (good packing advice; also good general life advice).
  • “Ounces create pounds,” as the saying goes.
  • To conserve space, stuff your rolled-up socks inside your shoes.
  • If you’re packing a sea bag, slam it down on the floor to settle everything you’ve already packed and make space for more.
  • If you’re carrying a backpack or rucksack, put the lighter items at the bottom and the heavier items closer to your back/body higher up.







The “does ranger roll wrinkle clothes” is a question that has been asked multiple times. The answer to the question is no, but it can be hard to pack a bag using the Ranger Roll.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fold a roll of clothes Rangers?

A: I dont know what you mean by this.

How do you pack like an Army Ranger?

A: You do not pack like an Army Ranger.

How do you pack a suitcase with a roll?

A: A bag is a single piece of clothing wrapped in cloth and sewn together. It is then placed inside another larger item, like a backpack or suitcase. The first step would be to unroll the fabric from the outside edges of your clothing and place it on top of each other which creates one layer that can easily be folded into two layers by folding over again at any point along its length.

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