How to Open a Stuck Jar Lid

If you cannot open a sauce jar lid, the best option is to place it in boiling water. Boil for three minutes and then cool down with cold water before opening again.

The “how to open a stuck lid” is a question that has been asked by many people. There are many ways to open a jar lid, but the easiest way is with a butter knife or screwdriver.

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You’re seated in your man recliner, wearing your man robe, and reading your man newspaper on a Sunday afternoon. Today is your wife’s time to cook. (That’s correct.) At your home, you split the cooking responsibilities. Cooking is a skill that only manly men possess. Meat, in particular.) She’s going to make some spaghetti and a beautiful side salad to go with it to keep things simple. Then you hear it: “Dear, I’m having trouble opening the lid to the spaghetti sauce container.” It has been stuck. “Could you please open it for me?”

Are you prepared for situations like this? Here are five ways to show off your manly talents and always open a stuck jar lid.

1. Use of force. To apply this method, just twist the jar lid open with your male power. If you can complete it without using a cloth, you’ll gain bonus points.

2. Use a dish cloth or rubber glove to wrap the lid. If physical force fails, cover the lid in a dishrag or, better yet, a rubber glove for further traction.

3. Let go of the vacuum seal. Breaking the seal of a new bottle that is still vacuum-sealed makes it simpler to open the lid. You may accomplish this by prying the lid away from the jar using a bottle opener.

4. Submerge the lid in boiling water. Running the lid under hot water for a minute helps expand the metal, making it easier to remove.

5. Using a spoon, tap the lid. Food may get trapped in the lid, causing the lid to become stuck as well. To remove any food, give the lid a couple brisk knocks on the side with a spoon.

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To open a stuck jar lid, you need to use a butter knife or spoon to pry the lid off. You can also try using your hands. Reference: how to open stuck salsa jar.

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