How to Make the Perfect Mocktail

You don’t have to be a mixologist or barista in order to make a perfect mocktail. It’s all about the ratios of your ingredients and finding what tastes great with them.

The “easy mocktail recipes to make at home” is a great way to get creative with your drink. This article will show you some easy ways to make the perfect mocktail.

mocktail with red color and mint sprig on a patio table.

Even before the epidemic forced restaurants and bars to close, Americans — especially Millennials and Gen Zers — were consuming less alcohol than in previous decades. Whether it’s due to health concerns, rising costs, shifting social standards, or any other cause, alcohol no longer has the cultural clout it once had. Bars and beverage companies are realizing this and are offering a variety of new mocktails and other non-alcoholic alternatives. The teetotalers are having a field day! 

However, it does not seem to be as popular to make a mocktail at home as it is to just take a soda from the fridge. This is most likely due to the fact that the final product of DIY mocktail mixology often does not seem to be worth the work. A non-alcoholic drink may be difficult to get precisely right, and the results might be disappointing. Since spirits provide a lot of the taste in cocktails, how can you recreate it — or at least the texture and feel of it — without them? 

I’ve been experimenting at home for the last several months in order to develop a better mocktail for my wife, who is expecting our third kid. We’ve always liked an evening drink after the kids have gone to bed, but during her first two pregnancies, I confessed that I didn’t make an effort to provide a replacement for these nightcaps, instead giving her a premium soda. With a little more cocktail expertise under my belt, I felt I’d try a bit harder this time to kick things up a level. And after a lot of trial and error, I’ve finally found the ideal formula. 

The secret to its popularity is because it follows the same traditional “formula” as cocktails: a base taste (in a cocktail, that’s the liquor), a modifier/mixer that builds on the foundation, and a garnish or finishing flourish. 

You can make a mocktail that has the balance of tastes, texture, and even the look of a genuine cocktail with a powerful and flavor-packed base, a well-sourced mixer or two, and a garnish. 

How to Create the Ideal Mocktail


The first step in making the ideal mocktail is to treat it like any other drink in terms of preparation and presentation. Measure out the ingredients, toss in a large ice cube, and serve in a high-end cocktail glass. Don’t just toss ingredients into a plastic cup carelessly. The attention to detail that goes into the manufacture and presentation of a mocktail adds a lot to its appeal. If you treat it like any other drink, you’ll be more likely to appreciate the experience.  


It all begins with high-quality ingredients, as it does with every recipe, dish, or drink. Let’s take a look at the three elements of the ideal mocktail. 

homemade simple syrup in a mason jar.

Raspberry-mint is my new favorite syrup. 1 cup sugar + 1 cup water = 1 cup sugar + 1 cup water = 1 cup sugar + 1 cup water = 1 cup sugar + 1 cup water Simmer for 5 minutes with 1 cup raspberries, smooshed with a potato masher. Remove from heat and soak for at least 30 minutes with 4-5 mint sprigs. Pour the mixture into a mason jar and enjoy!


Simple syrup is used as the base. Instead of beginning with a spirit, we’ll start with a flavored syrup as the base of the cocktail. Simple syrup is sugar dissolved in water at a 1:1 ratio in its most basic form. Most current cocktail recipes call for some kind of simple syrup, usually flavored. Vanilla, mint, and blackberry ginger are among my favorites. Only your imagination and taste restrict the flavor combinations. Flavored syrups are available for purchase online or at your local liquor shop, or they may be readily prepared at home. 

Something fruity with a touch of herb or bitterness is your best pick for a mocktail. You don’t have to go overboard with the sweetness. 

Tonic, ginger beer, or another NA beverage may be used as a modifier or mixer.

non-alcoholic mixers on table.

The “modifier” component (or ingredients — it doesn’t have to be just one) in a conventional cocktail is anything that changes or enhances the taste of the base. This might be a liqueur, simple syrup, juice, soda/tonic, or any alcoholic beverage. In a mocktail, you should choose something with some bitterness or bite to balance out the syrup’s inevitable sweetness. In our home, tonic and ginger beer (not ginger ale) are the go-tos; tonic’s quinine is a fantastic bittering agent, and actual ginger in a good ginger beer gives a delightful spice to a mocktail. 

When it comes to mocktails, good mixers make a difference. Something like Schweppes is great in a cocktail with liquor, but because the mixer has to carry a bit more weight here, and you’re saving money by not buying alcohol, it’s worth choosing something higher-quality than the sodas you’d get in a convenience shop. Spending a little more on a good tonic like Fever Tree or Q, or Cock & Bull or Bundaberg if you prefer your ginger extra hot, is a good idea. 

There are other non-alcoholic beverages on the market — Gruvi makes a tasty dry prosecco that can be used as a mixer, Lagunitas has a fun drink called Hop Water (basically seltzer with hops added), and others are quickly gaining traction as younger generations reduce, if not eliminate, their alcohol consumption.  

You may also add a few dashes of bitters to a solely sweet drink, such as a soda or a very sugary syrup. Though bitters are an alcoholic substance, the dose is so little that most people don’t notice. However, a recovering alcoholic may sensibly choose to stay away from even that quantity. 

Citrus as a garnish (and sometimes an herb). The sweet of the syrup and the bitter/spicy of your mixer are perfectly balanced by the acidity of a citrus wedge. Always squeeze as much juice as possible from the slice of a lime, orange, lemon, or grapefruit. Garnishes in cocktails are often merely for the nose, adding a strong aroma to the top of the drink to assist educate your taste buds about what’s to come, which means the flavor isn’t necessarily imparted in the drink itself. Our garnish has a clear function in a mocktail and adds a lot to the drink. 


I like to add a sprig of herb to round things off. A strong smell of mint or rosemary while sipping is a perfect addition to the beverage’s taste. We have herbs in our garden, so it’s simple to simply snap off a few inches; if you have to purchase herbs, it may not be worth the money unless you’re cooking for a special event.   

Recipe for the Perfect Mocktail

mocktail made with simple syrup and tonic.

  • 1 oz. of your favorite simple syrup 
  • 3–4 ounces tonic (or other mixer)
  • slice of lime 
  • garnish with a sprig of mint 

After placing a big ice cube in a cocktail glass, add the syrup and tonic, squeeze the juice from the lime wedge, and stir everything together with a bar spoon (or other small spoon). Serve with a sprig of herbs. 



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The “easy mocktails for a crowd” is a simple and easy way to make the perfect drink. It is also great for parties with a large group of people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a mocktail?

A: A mocktail is a drink made from fruit juice with other, usually alcoholic ingredients. This can include flavoring such as alcohol or sugar syrup and sometimes even non-alcoholic flavorings like lemonade powder or almond extract.

Can you get drunk on mocktails?

A: It is unclear what exactly makes up a mocktail, but its likely that the answer to this question would depend on your definition of drunk.

Is mocktail good for health?

A: No, in fact, mocktail is not a good drink for health. For example, if you asked me what the best drink was I would say milk because it has many nutrients and vitamins that can help with your health. Mocktails are primarily made up of fruit juice mixed together which have no nutritional value whatsoever

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