How to Make Easy, Rustic Wood Coasters

Making coasters out of wood is a great way to add style and personality to an otherwise bland space. Whether you’re more on the DIY-side or want a bit of help, we’ve got some tips that will make your project easy breezy!

Wood is a natural material that can be used to make many different things. One of these things is coasters. Coasters are not only useful for protecting your furniture, but they also make great gifts. The “how to make wood coasters waterproof” article will teach you how to create rustic wooden coasters in a matter of minutes with just two ingredients and some basic tools.

The majority of us only consider coasters when we’re reminded that we haven’t used one yet. However, this might be due to the fact that many coasters are uninspired and dull. Making coasters out of well-seasoned logs is a quick carpentry project that will almost certainly remind you to use a coaster the next time you lay a drink down on more fragile furniture. One of the most appealing aspects of making your own wood coasters is the opportunity for experimenting. There’s no end to what you can accomplish with colored epoxy resins and wood-burning processes. The following information is intended to serve as a starting point for your research. So, let’s get this party started.

The following items are required:

  • Miter saws are used to cut miter joints.
  • Brush with a stiff handle
  • A seasoned timber with a diameter of 3.5–4 inches
  • Sandpaper is a kind of sandpaper (and sander if you have one, for convenience)
  • Your choice of stain, shellac, varnish, or mineral oil

1. Choosing and Preparing Your Wood

A dry tree log.

Choose a well-seasoned log; otherwise, it may continue to dry and crack after you’ve finished making your coasters, which you don’t want. After around six months in a dry, well-ventilated place, most wood will be ready to use.

You are free to use whatever sort of wood you like. Softwoods such as fir, cedar, and pine have a rustic appearance, but hardwoods such as alder, beech, hickory, mahogany, maple, and oak have a more polished appearance and may be more durable. Look for logs that are 3.5–4″ in diameter, generally straight, and at least a foot long.

Cleaning log with stiff brush.

Remove any additional dirt and loose bark with a stiff brush after you’ve chosen your log. If you want to totally remove your bark, use a chisel, hand plane, or even a hatchet.

2. Make Cute Coasters 

Cutting coaster with power miter saw.

While you can easily construct your wood coasters with a handsaw, a power miter saw makes the job a lot simpler. To begin, cut the end off so that you have a completely level surface to work with.

Coaster size of 1/2–3/4.

Set your miter saw to cut your first coaster round at a thickness of 1/2–3/4″. Clamp a scrap piece of wood to your saw base and use it as a guide for cutting successive coasters to ensure uniformity. You may make as many coasters as you want. At least four coasters are included in most sets.

3. Sand and apply the finish

Coasters with a palm sander.

Sand your coasters by hand or with a palm sander, starting with a coarse grit, such as 120, and working your way up to finer grits until they’re as smooth as you want them to be.

sand off wooden coaster.

This is also a good time to sand off any additional loose bark or add finishing touches, such as smoothing the edges.

Wiping wooden coaster with microfiber cloth.

After sanding, wipe your coasters clean with a microfiber towel to remove any dust and apply your stain, mineral oil, shellac, or varnish of choice (you can find tips for applying a wood finish here). Sealing the wood on both sides protects it against condensation from cold glasses and keeps it from drying out too quickly, which may lead to cracking.




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The “diy wood coasters with vinyl” is a tutorial on how to make rustic wood coasters. The tutorial is easy, and it only requires a few materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wood to make coasters out of?

A: Depends on the type of wood. For example, some woods are harder than others to carve and will require a thicker base such as hard maple or mahogany.

How do you make wooden coasters?

A: The best way to make wooden coasters is using a scroll saw, which can be equipped with different blades for cutting many types of materials.

What do you coat wood coasters with?

A: I have coated my wood coasters with wax-based floor polishes, which protect the surface of your wooden coaster from moisture. The wax will also make it easier for you to slide across the vinyl mat before playing on a table top.

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