How to Make DIY Pocket Notebooks

There is nothing like a nice note book. It can provide you with the peace of mind that someone really values what you have to say and will take your words into consideration when making decisions.
It’s also a good way to organize all those brilliant ideas that just hit you, quick!
This tutorial will teach how to make DIY pocket notebooks from scratch so enjoy these step by piece instructions!.

The “how to make a pocket in a composition notebook” is an article about how to make DIY pocket notebooks.

A man holding a notebook in his hand.

The advantages of a pocket notepad are many, as are the great persons who have used them. Today, I’ll demonstrate how to create your own. It’s inexpensive, takes just around 20 minutes, and allows you to show off a little bit of your individuality in the process.


A packet of stationary materials.

  • Any six-pack carton, whether it’s a cherished root beer or a favored specialty brew. Four-pack cartons will also work, although the notebooks will be somewhat smaller and more difficult to assemble.
  • Blank, graph, and lined paper are all available. Whatever makes you happy.
  • Stapler
  • Scissors or a paper cutter are also acceptable options.
  • Knife in a pocket
  • Pencil

Creating a Notebook

1. Remove the cover from the book.

Cover of packet on table.

From your six-pack, cut off the main panel. There’s always another one on the opposite side if you make a mistake! It will also be linked to the insides of the pack, so gently peel it away.

2. Trace your papers and cut them out.

A man measuring the packet cover with pencil on paper.

Trace your notebook pages onto the panel you just cut out. I traced 10 pages, which when folded in half equals 20 pages for the notebook.

Two pieces of page.

When cutting, cut just within the traced line. On both sides, a 1/8′′ within the line will suffice. This prevents the pages from peeping out from within the notebook. Fold each sheet in half separately after cutting; this provides a nicer fold than folding numerous pages at once.

3. Fold the cover in half.

A man cutting the packet cover with knife.

This is a bit more difficult than it seems. My initial effort resulted in a jumbled cardboard mess. So, take your pocket knife and score it precisely along the center. (It’s best to measure for the center; on my first effort, I attempted eyeballing it and failed miserably.)

Folded packet cover.

It will fold nicely and neatly once scored.

4. Staple the pages together.

A man folding pages with hand.

After you’ve individually folded your pages, bind them all together tightly, one within the other, to produce a notebook.

A man stapling packet cover.

Place the pages inside the folded cover, then unfold it gently and set it flat with the carton artwork facing up. (I could have used clips to hold everything in place, but I was OK without them.) Staple the seam with care; I used two staples, one at the top and one at the bottom, and it’s holding up nicely.

5. Make a list of your excellent ideas!

A man writing on page with pencil.

Handmade notebook placed on table.

Make one for yourself or a set of three for a quick and simple DIY present. The only difficult part is picking which carton(s) to use!



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