How to Make an Improvised Gas Mask

When the gas is knocked out of you, it becomes harder to breathe. What can you do when faced with a toxic atmosphere? Make your own improvised Gas Mask!

The “how to make a gas mask out of a bottle” is an article that will teach you how to make your own improvised gas mask. The process requires a plastic bottle, duct tape, and the contents of the bottle.

Improvised gas mask tutorial with a man wearing a custom made mask.

I participated in the GoRuck Constellation here in Tulsa last week. Unlike the GoRuck Challenge, which requires you to lift large logs and do many push-ups and squats, Constellation is a scenario-based event in which you learn urban survival skills as well as escape and evasion strategies from former US military special operators. Instead of tearing you down, the focus is on skill growth.

During the event, I had a terrific time and learnt a lot. In the event that tear gas or pepper spray is used during civil disturbance, one of the most intriguing skills I learned was how to create an improvised gas mask out of a 2-liter container and a dust mask. We had to put it to the test after creating it by being pepper sprayed in the face by our cadres.

And it was successful. At least, that’s how I feel. Even so, several people received spray in their eyes. It seemed to be rather uncomfortable. When making an equipment like this, it’s crucial to get everything exactly perfect!

I felt it was a nice ability to have and that it would come in good at some point. So, in the video below, I show you how to create an improvised gas mask in under ten minutes.

Is this device anywhere close to being an ideal gas mask? Not at all. But it’s better than nothing if you ever need it.

How to Make a Gas Mask from Scratch

Gas masks operate by allowing “polluted” air to enter via the “snout” of the mask, then passing it through a filter before inhaling it. Filters in professional gas masks may capture and neutralize extremely small particulates.

This improvised version is simply intended to protect your eyes, mouth, and nose by forming a physical barrier between bigger airborne particles and your face. It’s clear that it won’t protect you against genuinely dangerous toxins.


Improvised gas mask equipment.

  • a 2-liter bottle of soda
  • Mask to protect against dust
  • Tape for ducts
  • Knife

1. Remove the bottom of the 2-liter bottle and cut it off.

Improvised gas mask tutorial cutting 2 liter bottle from the bottom.

A seam may be seen at the bottom of the bottle. Cut along the seam with your knife until the bottom of the bottle is entirely removed.

Improvised gas mask tutorial after cutting 2 liter bottle from bottom.

2. Cut a U-Shape on the Bottle’s Side

Improvised gas mask tutorial after cutting 2 liter bottle in u shape.

Remember to take off the bottle’s outer plastic label. Some of it will remain on the bottle after you’ve removed it. Cut your U-shape in such a way that the remaining label is removed. The bottom of the U should be roughly 2 inches higher than the bottle top. The width of your U should be just wide enough to accommodate your face. You don’t want it to be overly large, since this will make it easier for gas or pepper spray to penetrate your mask.

3. Take off the dust mask’s bands.

Improvised gas mask tutorial dust mask with a ribbon.

Remove the bands from your dust mask and grab it. Put them somewhere secure; we’ll use them here in a minute.

4. Place a dust mask within the U’s bottom.

Improvised gas mask tutorial dust mask attached in 2 liter bottle.


In the bottom of the U-shape you just cut, place your mask. The mask should be angled slightly downwards, towards the bottle top. This produces a little chamber between the bottle cap and the mask, as you can see.

5. Tape the mask on the bottle using duct tape

Improvised gas mask tutorial duct taping dust mask in 2 litre bottle.

Secure the mask on the bottle using duct tape. Make sure the mask region is completely sealed and there are no openings where harmful air may enter. Don’t be afraid to use too much duct tape.

Improvised gas mask tutorial dust mask taped to 2 liter bottle properly.

A different angle of the taped dust mask.

6. Tape the Mask’s Edges Using Duct Tape

Improvised gas mask tutorial bottle edges duct taped to cover corners.

Wherever you cut the bottle, there will most certainly be jagged edges. Place some duct tape over the edges of the mask to make it more comfortable. The duct taped borders have the extra advantage of allowing you to obtain a stronger seal around your face, which is critical for its efficacy.

7. Make four slits at the sides of the bag.

Improvised gas mask attached with a ribbon.

We’ll need to cut some slits for our mask’s bands to go through. Make two slits at the top of the mask, one on each side, and two more four inches below, one on each side.

8. Tie off the bands by threading them through the slits.

Improvised gas mask tutorial head bands tied off for proper adjustment.

Using your bands, thread them through the slits. Begin threading from the interior of the bottle and work your way out. To keep the ends from coming out, tie them off with an overhand knot.

9. Tape the Slits with Duct Tape

Improvised gas mask tutorial.

Place duct tape over the slits to prevent air from entering your mask and to give security to your bands.

10. Drill Holes in the Bottle Cap

Improvised gas mask tutorial bottle cap with holes punched with a knife.

Punch a few holes or slits on your bottle cap using your knife. This will help you to breathe a little easier while wearing the gas mask. The slits weren’t enough to obtain proper air intake, based on my experience with Constellation. To allow in a little extra air, I’d suggest cutting a little square.

Improvised gas mask tutorial bottle cap on 2 liter bottle with a hole.

After slitting holes, the cap was put back on.

You’re Prepared for a Post-Apocalyptic Future

Man with improvised gas mask and shotgun zombie survival in a forest.

So there you have it. In about 10 minutes, you can construct an improvised gas mask. Now you’re ready to confront a post-apocalyptic world a la Cormac McCarthy, in which society’s fabric has been ripped apart and all hell has broken loose.

Thanks to Mickey, who taught me how to construct this bad boy.



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The “how to make gas mask ark” is a guide that will teach you how to make an improvised gas mask. You can also use this as a guide for creating other improvised items such as a weapon or clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use instead of a gas mask?

A: For those who are not in areas where there is a fear of chemical or biological warfare, you can use the following items as an alternative to gas masks for protection against air pollutants.

How do I make a fake gas mask?

A: A fake gas mask is a device that we wear to protect against airborne particulates or chemical and biological agents. This can be either used by civilians in the event of an emergency, or by military personnel on operations where security measures must be taken without alerting the enemy as to what kind of protection is being worn.

Are gas masks illegal?

A: Can not answer this question.

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