How to Make a Wooden Rubber Band Gun

I was going to build a gun from the ground up, but I realized it would be easier just to use this pre-built rubber band gun. If you want plans for your own wooden toy that shoots when pulled back and forth like an automatic semi-automatic pistol, these are the instructions.

The “rubber band gun plans pdf” is a great project for anyone who wants to learn how to make a wooden rubber band gun. The instructions are easy to follow and the end result is an awesome weapon that can be used in many different ways.

The Best Rubber Band Guns Available

We thought it would be fun to give a weekly craft/project idea you can work on together to help pass the time when most of the globe is under quarantine of some kind, and frequently isolated with children who are longing for something to do. If you create the project, please post it using the hashtag #aomkidcraft on social media.

Every generation seemed to have its own take on the toy gun. Perhaps you grew up with spud guns or cap guns. And, if you’ve spent any time with kids since roughly 1990, or if you grew up around that period, you’ve almost certainly participated in a Nerf war.

Toy guns that fire 100 darts per minute and contain 200 “rounds” may be sleek and cool. Making your own toy gun, on the other hand, is a lot of fun.

This project reintroduces the basic pleasures of an old-school DIY shooter. Rubber band guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they’re still a lot of fun to play with. You and your child may make your own with simply a piece of plywood and a few tools, and start blasting rubber bands for target practice and intra-familial conflicts.

How to Make a Rubber Band Gun Out of Wood

You’ll need the following items:

  • Jigsaw
  • Pen
  • a sheet of plywood measuring 612
  • Clothespin
  • Rubber bands are a kind of elastic.
  • Drill a hole using a hole saw bit.
  • Clamps
  • Glue
  • Handsaw

First, trace the gun onto the plywood.

Wood with gun drawn on it.

On a piece of plywood, draw your rifle. This project is shown using 34-inch plywood, but it could be done with 12-inch or just about any board as long as it’s broad enough and not too thick. Anything thicker than an inch would most likely become clumsy.

Wood, pen and gun are used for making rubber band gun.

I began with the handle of a dart pistol in this example, but you could do it completely freehand.

Clothespin placed along the gun drawing on plywood.

The angle and length of the region where the clothespin will go are the most important factors to consider. Make sure it’s at a low angle to the barrel and big enough to accommodate more than half of the clothespin.

Drill the “Trigger” Hole in Step 2.

Drilling a hole in plywood having gun's image on it.

A hole in plywood having gun's image on it along the clothespin.

To carve off your trigger region, use a drill with a hole saw bit. I used a 1-inch hole saw for this cannon, but anything comparable would suffice.

Step 3: Remove the gun.

Cutting out the gun's drawing with a jigsaw.

With a jigsaw, cut out the gun. If you don’t have a jigsaw, a handsaw will do as long as you keep your gun form basic.

4th Step: Sand

Sanding the plywood made gun with a piece of paper.

Sand the gun on all sides and at the edges to make it smooth. Remember to round over the borders of the trigger area as well.

Cut a Notch in the Barrel (Step 5) Kobalt's Handsaw used to cut plywood.

A plywood kept on a machinery.

To rest your rubber band in, cut a slot on the barrel’s tip. While you’re sawing, secure the rifle to something solid. I used a handsaw for this, but a utility knife or other sharp blade will suffice.

Attach the Clothespin in Step 6

Using Glue on plywood.

Clamping the clothespin onto the rear of the rubber band gun.

Attach the clothespin to the back of the cannon using glue and clamps. Place the pin so that the mouth of the pin is immediately above the gun’s barrel.

Step 7: Let the fires fly!

A rubber band gun.

Grab a bunch of rubber bands and draw some targets after the adhesive has dried. Place one end of the rubber band in the slot at the end of the barrel to load your “ammo.” Close the mouth on the rubber band, stretch the rubber band back, and open the clothespin.

When you place the rubber band back into the circular hole beyond the clothespin’s mouth, it often becomes stuck. The rubber band should be held in place by the tension in your mouth until you’re ready to shoot. Simply push down on the top of the clothespin with your thumb after you’ve lined up your target!

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Watch This Video-

The “wooden toy gun template” is a step by step guide on how to make a wooden rubber band gun.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a rubber band gun out of wood?

A: The first step is to cut out a rectangle for the barrel and two semicircles. Then, you can use a saw to make cuts in these rectangles so that they will form the cylinder shape of your gun. You can then attach them together using screws or glue.

How do you make a wooden gun Easy?

A: You could purchase a kit online and follow the instructions, or you could make your own wooden guns using 1 x 2 inch lumber.

How do you make a wooden pop gun?

A: A wooden pop gun utilizes a piece of wood to create the shape, and then you can use duct tape or other adhesives to make it more durable. You will also want some nails as well in order to hold everything together.

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