How To Make A Survival Kit

I’ve already written a few articles on survival kits.

I’ve been thinking about how we label them or treat them differently. They may have different objectives.

– Survival Kit
– 72 Hour Kit
– Survival bag
– Back to home bag

The fact is that some of these are aimed at specific circumstances, while others are merely generic packages. That’s the beauty of it… …you can customize it to your needs.

I have several survival kits, and each kit is intended for a specific purpose or use scenario. For example, a game fills a backpack. The other is part of the smaller scale of the shoulder. Another one might fit in my pocket. Different sizes, shapes, needs.

What if someone just asked how to make a survival kit… …and I thought about it.

First of all, I could say that it depends (and it does).

But then I thought about it a bit longer, and while it depends on the use you want to make of it (or the scenario), most kits have a lot in common.

How to make a survival kit

For now, just think about your basic needs to survive, no matter what your circumstances are.

What do we need to survive?

1. We need to breathe the air.

2. Our body temperature must remain within safe limits.

3. We need to stay hydrated.

4. After all, you have to eat.

5. Put the safety somewhere above if necessary.

If you focus at least on the above requirements, you are well on your way to putting together your own survival kit. Everything else will be an added bonus.

Each of us will probably build a set in our own way.

We can quantify things differently. It takes into account our possible deployment scenarios. Survival time. Size limitations. We have to carry it. How far away. And much more… That’s where customization becomes what it is.

I’ll give you the highlights:

We need to breathe

Most regular kits do not have a specific function, but it is important to mention it.

If you can’t breathe, you’ll probably die within 3 minutes.

What you need here can be first aid, supplies and know-how. There may be an operational scenario where air must be filtered before breathing. What environment can you get into?

When you think of survival, the ability to breathe comes first.

Core body temperature

This also falls into the category of protecting a survival kit. Ability to stay reasonably warm and dry in adverse conditions. As well as the ability to stay reasonably cool in hot conditions.

How to prevent freezing, hypothermia

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

The right clothes. The right outerwear. Know what to do if you are hypothermic or how to help someone else with hypothermia.

A rainmaker for your preparations

How to make a fire. The things you need to make a fire. Tinder and kindling. Just enough to keep the fire going.

How to make a fire with damp wood….

Shinder for the construction of a fire

Wood for the bath

Capacity and tools to build a shelter.


It is very important to stay hydrated.

Are you dehydrated? Have you ever had a headache from dehydration?

If you are considering a survival kit, this should be addressed in ANY survival kit. Do you have a bowl of water?

Water, water everywhere, but not one drop…. Do you have a drinking water filter?

Water filter – Survival preparedness must have.

Maybe some water purification tablets. Can you boil water when you need it?

How long does it take to boil drinking water

Power supply

If the human body can survive a long time without food, you will become weaker without it. They need the energy of food to stay alive.

How much food do you put in your suitcase? (It depends). What kind of food?

The CLIF bar is one of many good options for a survival kit.

Do you have the capacity and know-how to buy your own ration if your kit doesn’t have one? Do you have the means to do it?

Safety and security

It may (depends) even be more important than #1. Your own safety may be at risk. So do whatever it takes to alleviate the problem.

Hardware components in survival kit

So how do you put together a survival kit?

If you consider each of the topics I briefly mentioned, there are all sorts of items you could include in your own survival kit.

Which specific items you choose will depend on the restrictions you place on the kit itself.

If you z. B. you want to take your stuff for a week of camping to your cottage, then you have to take a lot of stuff. Why? Because you go and it fits in your car or your truck.

On the other hand, if you’re going on a day trip or even an overnight trip or two, your backpack doesn’t have much weight and space. You have to be creative.

I could list 100 things here that you should have in your survival kit. (Maybe this will become a fun position someday). I covered the how, but not much of the what.

Here’s something people use for basic things:

Read >> 5 C Survival
1. Cutting (blade)
2. Burning (fire)
3. Cover (shelter)
4. Container (water)
5. Rope

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What does it all mean in

Part of the question How do I make a survival kit? is also the question of what to put in it.

That’s where your own limitations come in. But in general, most survival kits that people put together are packaged in a backpack of sorts.

Let’s face it. If you use your gear, you’ll be fine. Even the stuff in my truck is usually in my backpack. However, I did store some extra stuff in the truck (storage under the seats, etc).

If you are building your own kit, use your head. Think about it. Think about what you need for this kit. Use the scenario. It’s actually pretty fun to put one of them together. The goal is to not stuff it with too many things, a countertop so to speak!

But don’t forget the points I mentioned above ….

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