How to Make a Strip Steak Sandwich

The sandwich has been around for centuries, serving a variety of purposes and has become one of the most common dishes in America. The following steps are how to make your own steak sandwich at home. Step by step instructions about what you need and how it’s done.

The “strip steak sandwich recipe” is a dish that has been around for centuries. The ingredients are simple, and the cooking process is easy.

Beer marinated steak sandwich on hoagie roll.

The fifth day of the AoM sandwich project has arrived. We asked readers for their favorite sandwich choices last month. We chose 20 entries out of 483 to feature on the site each daily in April. Finally, we’ll compile all of the entries into a massive man-sandwich cookbook. Enjoy.

Adam’s Drunken Steak Sandwich is today’s sandwich.

Adam presented a unique spin on the conventional steak sandwich, in which all of the components are heavily infused with Rickard’s beer. This sandwich seems to be a little more difficult to prepare than the others on the list, so I thought it would be interesting to spotlight a more complicated creation. And, because I’m a teetotaler, I thought it’d be amusingly ironic to cook with more beer than I’ll ever consume in my life. Is it possible to make a ho-hum steak sandwich really hum by inebriating the ingredients? Let’s have a look.


Ingredients for beer marinated steak sandwich.

  • Rickard’s Red (or any amber ale) is a good choice. Because I couldn’t locate Rickard’s in Tulsa, I settled with Full Sail Amber.)
  • Rickard’s Dark (or any dark brew) is a good choice. Claymore’s Scotch Ale, brewed by Great Divide Brewing in Denver, CO, was utilized.)
  • Rickard’s White (or any citrus ale) is a good choice. Here in Tulsa, I chose a Pale Ale from Marshall’s.)
  • Steak (I went to the supermarket at an odd hour.) Strip steak and filet mignon were the only options. The comic was purchased by me.)
  • Onion, white (not pictured)
  • red pepper flakes
  • Chipotle chilies
  • Lime juice (not pictured)
  • Mayo
  • Soy sauce is an Asian condiment (not pictured)
  • Cilantro paste (I didn’t use this since I don’t like for cilantro)
  • I couldn’t locate a baguette, so I used a sausage bun instead.

Step 1: Prepare the steak by marinating it.

Vintage Marinate steak in amber ale and a bit of soy sauce.

For a few hours, marinate the steak in amber ale and soy sauce. I made a mistake here. The amber ale was meant to be used for the steak marinade, but I went with the darker option. Crap.

Vintage add a bit of soy sauce to the mix.

Toss with a pinch of soy sauce. Allow it to chill for a couple of hours.

Step 2: Make the Chipotle Mayonnaise

Vintage chop up some chipotle peppers.

Prepare some chipotle peppers by chopping them up.

Vintage mix chopped chipotle peppers with a scoop of mayo.

Mix a dollop of mayo with diced chipotle peppers.

Vintage chipotle mayo in the bowl.

¡Eso! (That’s what I’m referring to!)

Vintage some lime to the mayo.

Toss some lime into the mayonnaise.

Step 3: In a dark ale, cook the onions.

Vintage chop up a white onion.

Chop a white onion finely.

Vintage cooking onions in dark ale until onions are reduced and very sloppy.

In a dark ale, cook onions until they are reduced and sloppy. Because of my blunder with the marinade, I used amber ale in this recipe.

Vintage fried onions in pan.


Step 4: Cook Red Peppers in White Ale/Citrus

Vintage slice up red pepper.

Prepare your red pepper by slicing it.

Vintage douse red peppers with white ale.

Use your white ale to smother red peppers. Instead, I used a pale ale. Cook until the peppers have softened.

Step 5: Cook the Steak

Vintage grill steak illustration.

Remove the steak from the marinade and cook for 8 minutes over high heat. Aim for a medium-rare level of doneness.

6th Step: Slice the Steak

Vintage cutting slice meat into thin slices.

Thinly slice the steak.

Step 7: Spread Chipotle Mayonnaise on a roll or baguette.

Vintage slather a generous chipotle mayo on roll.

Spread a liberal amount of chipotle mayo on each bun.


Step 8: Arrange the steak, onions, and peppers in a stack.

Vintage stack on steak, onions & peppers finished process.

Add the meat, onion, and peppers to the pan. I can’t wait to try this.

Notes from the Tasters

Vintage eating the drunken steak sandwich.

Someone take the keys to this sandwich before it does anything weird!

This was an outstanding sandwich. There’s a lot going on in terms of taste here. The chipotle mayo’s smokey spiciness blended well with the beer-accented beef, onions, and peppers. If I had to make it again, I believe I would use flank steak instead of strip steak. I also believe it would have been better on a baguette, as the original recipe suggested.

The only drawback to this sandwich is the time it takes to make it. Total prep time was approximately 40 minutes, excluding the couple hours I marinated the meat. Of course, things typically take longer the first time you make them, so I’m certain that with experience, I’ll be able to cut the time in half. Nonetheless, since I normally use sandwiches as a utilitarian, quick-to-assemble midday meal, I’d keep this one for supper. This sandwich would be great with a side of steak fries. Natch.



The “recipes with new york strip steak” is a type of beef steak that has been traditionally used in American cuisine. It is usually cut from the chuck end of the animal and consists of a long, thin muscle that is tender and flavorful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which steak is best for a sandwich?

A: That will depend on what you are making. If the meat that is used to make a sandwich is a ribeye, then it would be best if you made your own cheese and mayonnaise using quality ingredients.

How do you cut a steak for sandwiches?

A: You can use a knife, or you can use a plate.

How does Gordon Ramsay make a steak sandwich?

A: The process is similar to how you would use the sandwich maker. You start by placing a piece of bread on either side of your work station, and then soaking it in milk or water for 30 seconds before adding butter and seasoning. Then add whatever ingredients you want like steak, cheese, onions etc into the middle slice of bread and close up the sandwich with one hand while flipping over the top layer so that both sides are sealed together at this point. Now place another piece of bread on top as before so that when you flip again to seal in all contents – only half will be inside each element (thus giving two sandwiches). Finally melt some butter over medium heat until its bubbling but not yet browned

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