How to Make a Quick & Easy Smoke Bomb

Smoke bombs are an easy way to create cover and potentially save your life in a dangerous situation. If you’re out camping or hiking, smoke bombs can help keep you safe from wild animals that might be nearby. You’ll need some airtight containers like pill bottles, tin cans, or old plastic water bottles for this project!

In this article, I will teach you how to make a quick and easy smoke bomb that can be used for survival. It is also a good way to make some quick money. Read more in detail here: how to make fast money online.

You’re stranded in the woods, without phone coverage, and you need a method to alert ground rescuers or low-flying aircraft to your position.

Your city is engulfed in violence and turmoil, and some bad guys are closing in on you. You must create a diversion in order to flee and elude them.

Your kids are bored on a Sunday afternoon, and you’d want to show them a fun and fiery scientific experiment.

Smoke bombs may be used in a number of settings, whether for survival, tactical, or experimental goals.

They’re inexpensive, compact, and portable, and they’re remarkably simple to build at home. They may be kept in hiking packs, automobile glove compartments, garages, and other locations. You never know when one may come in helpful and either amuse you over the weekend or save your life. I’ll show you how to make homemade smoke bombs on your kitchen stove in the video below.

Note: You will be working with fire in this experiment, so be careful and prepared. It’s a good idea to have a bucket of water (or a fire extinguisher) on hand, and before igniting the bomb, use protective glasses and a breathing filter/mask. The smoke may be hazardous, and if the wind is blowing the wrong way, you can inhale it by inadvertently.


Diy smoke bomb supplies on a kitchen shelf.

  • Skillet made of cast iron. At the sake of this experiment, I purchased this one on Amazon for a low price. Make a smoke bomb in one of your current skillets instead of destroying it.
  • Potassium nitrate is a kind of potassium nitrate. Your smoke bomb’s chemical component is this. Because it’s utilized in a range of lawn/landscaping products, it’s often accessible at local garden centers. I ended up ordering Spectracide from Amazon, which is promoted as a stump remover but is really potassium nitrate granules. It also works excellent for smoke bombs, according to a few reviews!
  • Sugar
  • Foil made of aluminum. For the purpose of storing your “bomb.”

Step 1: Make a container out of aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil container for smoke bomb on a black marble.

Make a small aluminum foil boat to begin. This is where the mixture will be poured to harden.

2. In a skillet, combine all of the ingredients.

Diy smoke bomb mixing sugar and potassium nitrate in a pan on a stove.

Combine 3 parts potassium nitrate (Spectracide in my instance) and 2 parts sugar in a pan. For my first bomb, I kept it simple and used teaspoons (3 of Spectracide, 2 of sugar). Also, when you mix them properly, the procedure moves faster (I separated them for the purposes of the photo).

3. Heat the mixture until a brown goo forms.

Diy smoke bomb brown goo forming in a pan on a stove.

Over medium-low heat, “cook” the mixture, stirring constantly. Reduce the heat if it begins to smoke at all. You’ll be tempted to hurry things up, but resist. (It took roughly 15 minutes to make this modest quantity.) On your cooktop, you don’t want a smoke bomb to go off.

Brown mixture for a smoke bomb in a pan on a stove.

How to get there…

Preparing mixture for smoke bomb in a pan.

That’s close enough! This is how your finished result will look: a dark, caramel-y concoction with a thick syrup viscosity.

4. Fill the Foil Container with the Mixture.

Brown mixture in an aluminium foil.

Fill the aluminum container halfway with the mixture. You may also add a few teaspoons of powdered organic dye to give color to your smoke at this stage. Allow it to firm for at least an hour after that. It’ll essentially become a poo-like rock. Simply fold the foil sides in and stuff it into a bag or glove compartment for portability.


5. Set the bomb off!


To fire, just light a match and watch the foil boat explode into a billowing cloud of smoke!

You may also add a fuse to the sticky mixture by slipping a little rope into it before it solidifies. Of course, the more chemicals you utilize, the longer your bomb will endure.



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