How to Make a Paper Balloon/Water Bomb

Paper balloons or water bombs are a popular item in the survival community. Paper is easy to find and extremely cheap, especially if you can salvage it from something like a children’s book.

“How to make a paper balloon fly” is an article that will teach you how to make a paper balloon. This can be used for fun or as a water bomb.


Origami is a proven boredom buster for youngsters, and the most enjoyable kind of origami is that which results in a practical product – a jumping frog, a box to store things in, a ring to wear, or a ninja star to defeat opponents.

The origami balloon is perhaps the king of this genre. It’s simply so much fun to blow up something made of paper. You can play hacky sack with it, toss it at your younger sister, bat it about like a cat, and even fill it with water and transform it into a water bomb, which you can drop over your deck and watch go splat.

Gus McKay, our son, will show you how to construct your own paper balloon in the video below:


Place a square piece of origami paper on the table (or cut a sheet of printer paper into a square) to resemble a baseball diamond. Fold the left corner to the right corner of the paper.


As shown, you should have a triangle.

Fold the bottom corner of the triangle towards the top corner.


You’ve created a right triangle.


Rotate the triangle to the right so that the long side is facing you. The top flap of the top corner should be folded toward the bottom corner.


Something similar to this should be on your to-do list.


Overturn your triangle.


The other flap should be folded down as well.


At this point, you should have something similar to this.



Pull out the top layer of the center triangle with one hand while holding the points of both layers of the top and bottom triangles together with the other.



It should appear like this once you peel out the top layer of the middle triangle, with three triangle points on the top left and one on the bottom right.


Fold the top layer’s corner down to the triangle’s bottom corner.


When you turn it over, you should see something similar to this.


On one side, fold the corners up.


Turn it over and repeat the process on the other side.


This is how it should now appear.


On both the left and right sides, fold one layer down and then unfold it in the same manner.


Fold the top layer’s right corner towards the diamond’s center. Rep on the other side.


This is how it should seem.


Turn the paper over and fold the corners on the other side.


You’re looking great!


Rotate it to the left. You should have little tabs on the top end that you can fold down independently. Fold them in half.


Turn it over and repeat the process on the other side.


Fold the edges of the small tabs you just folded down.


This is how it should seem. Rep on the other side. Fold them up.


You’ll see several pockets if you look attentively. Take the folded and unfolded tabs and tuck them into the pockets. Rep on the other side.


To inflate, blow into the hole at one end.



Tada! You may also use it as a water bomb by filling it with water. Boomshakalaka!


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Making a paper balloon is easy, but making it into a waterbomb base origami can be tricky.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a water balloon bomb?

A: You need to make a balloon shaped like a bomb, and then put in your desired explosive inside. For this one, you would use water balloons filled with air.

How do I make a paper water bomb?

A: This is a tricky question, as it depends on the type of materials you have available to you. Some suggestions for making paper water bombs include using toilet paper rolls or wrapping wet cloth around a tube so that it can hold itself together.

How do you make a paper balloon that blows up?

A: To make a balloon that blows up you will need hydrogen, helium and oxygen.

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