How to Make a Marshmallow Gun from PVC Pipe

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you will be glad to have this PVC pipe marshmallow gun.

The “pvc marshmallow gun designs” are a fun way to make an easy and inexpensive weapon for survival.

Pvc pipe marshmallow shooter gun.

It’s difficult to imagine anything less dangerous than marshmallows, which makes them ideal ammo for teaching a toddler how to create a gun. As summer draws to a close, restless students around the nation are seeking for new ways to spend their time off from school. Whether you have your own children to amuse or want to cement your status as the world’s best uncle the next time you babysit, marshmallow guns are a simple and easy project that will convert any bored child into an enthusiastic marshmallow mercenary.

For a variety of reasons, marshmallow guns are fantastic. To begin with, they’re quite simple to construct. In less than 10 minutes, a skilled individual with the correct tools can complete a rudimentary model. Second, they’re quite effective, with the ability to fire your ammunition up to 20 feet. Finally, they’re really inexpensive to create. The supplies for one pistol will cost you less than $5 at most hardware shops if you have a pipe cutter or a hacksaw. The design shown here is a tried-and-true version, but you may change it up by extending the handles, shortening the barrel, or using alternative connections.


  • 27 inches of 12 inch PVC pipe (be sure you obtain the non-threaded variety, sometimes known as “slip” pipe, for this and the PVC materials following)
  • PVC 90-degree elbow joints, two 12 inch
  • PVC T-joints, 12 inch
  • PVC caps, 12 inch
  • Hacksaw or pipe cutter
  • Tape measure
  • Marshmallows in miniature


Pvc pipe marshmallow gun supplies.

Step 1: Using your pipe cutter or hacksaw, cut your PVC pipe into parts. When compared to conventional hacksaws, a pipe cutter intended for cutting PVC is not only quicker, but it also generates cleaner cuts that allow for easier pipe fitting.

Cut list:

  • 5 3-inch squares
  • 1 5-inch square
  • 1 piece (7 inches)

Pvc pipe marshmallow gun layout.

Step 2: Arrange your components in the basic form of the pistol to ensure that no portions are missing.

Step 3: Assemble the cannon by inserting the pipe parts into the connections. Make sure the pipe is fully inserted. They should be snug and not wiggle at all.

Pvc pipe marshmallow gun put together final.

Step 4: Get ready to load up! To shoot a marshmallow, place it just within the top tube and give it a forceful blow.



The “how to make a marshmallow gun without blowing” is a DIY project that requires no experience. The PVC pipe and the marshmallows are what makes this project so easy.

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