How to Know If Someone Has Been In Your Room

There are a few ways to know if someone has been in your room. You can monitor what they’ve taken and the items left behind, or you could take pictures of their footprints on your carpet.

The “how to tell if someone has been in your room reddit” is a question that was asked on the website Reddit. The answer given by the user who posted the question, is to use a mirror and look for any light coming from under the door.

Illustration about James Bond tactics for knowing someone's been snooping in the room.

“He didn’t feel ridiculous or self-conscious doing all of this, evaluating these minute burglar-alarms.” He was a covert spy, and he was still alive because to his meticulous attention to detail. Routine measures did not seem absurd to him, any more than they would to a deep-sea diver, a test pilot, or any other guy earning hazard money. Bond undressed and took a cold shower after confirming that his room had not been inspected while he was at the casino.” —Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale

When James Bond was on assignment across the globe, he would sometimes stay at posh hotels. While Bond enjoyed his visits, he couldn’t afford to relax and let his guard down since he was always in risk of being spied on and attacked while on the job. As a result, whenever the attentive secret agent left his room, he always left “minute burglar alarms” that would detect his adversaries’ incursion and alert him to the fact that someone had gone through his possessions while he was gone. A stray hair (plucked off his head; tiny thread or lint might be used instead) here, a light dusting of talcum powder there, all left unmistakable signs of a disturbance. 

Whether you’re at home or in a hotel, in the business of earning “danger-money,” or simply a teen who wants to know if Mom or Dad has been snooping in your room, the strategies above — all based on Bond’s various adventures — will help you figure out if someone has been poking through your belongings.

1: Lightly dust the handles, knobs, and locks with talcum powder.

2: Examine the area surrounding the lock keyholes for scratches.

3: Stuff a piece of fluff or lint between the zippers at the point where they meet.

4: Hair wedged in a desk drawer.

5: Stuff a few hairs inside your documents or passport.

6: Arrange your belongings in a certain way before you go; when you return, check for little snafus.



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If you want to know if someone has been in your room, there are a few ways that you can go about this. Some of these methods include using a mirror to see if anything is out of place and listening for noise. Reference: how to know if someone is going through your stuff.

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