How to Help Someone Out of a Hard Spot

Whether it’s a friend or family member, sometimes we find ourselves in the position of being able to provide help but unable to do so. Here are some tips on how you can offer support without feeling awkward about your lack of ability to save someone.

“The pimple turned into hard lump under skin” is a common occurrence. The best way to help someone out of a hard spot is to clean the area and apply an ice pack.

T.i. Miller Wii soldier vet in front of train in uniform.

Marcus Brotherton contributed this guest article as an editor’s note. It first appeared on Men Who Lead Well (

T.I. Miller, a 92-year-old WWII veteran who served on Guadalcanal and New Britain, was recently interviewed by me.

Mr. Miller had seen it all when it came to battle. Banzai assaults that are charging. Heads shaved. Arms, legs, and torsos covered with blood. The whole shebang.

He said that a guy does not forget these things immediately after returning home.

I inquired as to what aided him. His response was as follows:

“Can you tell me what helped?” My family, particularly my wife, Recie, was a huge assistance. At the same time, it’s something you’ll have to handle on your own. I discovered that the key is to keep occupied. There were no government assistance programs available at the time. There are no therapists to see. That’s not the case.

I was born and reared in a rural area. So after I got back from the war, I constructed a home for myself and Recie out there near where I grew up. I went out into the mountains and wandered about. That’s what made a difference.

They once shut down the mines for three months. “Where are you going to seek for a job?” someone said. “I ain’t,” I replied. “I’m going to spend the summer in the sun.”

That is exactly what I did. I hiked a half mile up above where I lived with a two-pound double-bladed axe. Nearby was a field there, and I hacked down large trees to make fence posts. That axe was all I had. I created my own mallet and did all of the tree splitting myself.

I bought a half-acre plot of land, plowed it, and turned it into a field. I raised potatoes, maize, and beans the same summer. I spent the whole summer cultivating things I wanted to grow. I’d be out in the woods throughout the day. I simply kept working like that and resurrected myself.”

Mr. Miller’s healing strategy includes three crucial steps. I’m not a therapist, but they are essential elements in getting someone out of a bind.

1. He occupied himself with routine, non-emotional tasks.

Mr. Miller’s capacity to cope had been tested by the war. He had seen far too many occurrences greater than himself during those years of terror. He was able to connect with a simpler world by splitting wood.

2. He went outdoors and got some exercise.

Fresh air, sunlight, wildlife, and physical activity all helped him reclaim his feeling of calm and security. He didn’t resort to drink, drugs, or any other potentially harmful substances.

3. He was able to observe what he had done on a daily basis.

Non-identifiable benchmarks are common in helpful pursuits, but it’s considerably more difficult for a guy performing this sort of labor to feel good about what he’s accomplished. Mr. Miller could observe progress on a regular basis by splitting wood and establishing a garden. “There it is,” he could point to a mound of fence posts at the conclusion of each day. “I accomplished it.”


If you know a returning veteran, or anybody else who is going through a difficult time, please forward this story to them.

I am not the source of the advise. It comes from someone who has been there, survived, recovered, and gone on to live a full life.

Are you a veteran who has suffered after returning home from combat, or have you ever been in a bad place? What did you do to assist in the healing process?





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The “hard lump under skin on face” is a common problem that people experience. There are many ways to help someone out of a hard spot, and this article will explain how to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make hard spots go away?

A: The best way to make hard spots go away is by turning up the difficulty of your game. This will lower the possibility that you may be hit with a large, punishing obstacle on a regular basis and it does not affect anything else in-game like powerups or scoring.

How long does it take for a hard spot to go away?

A: It takes about a month for your skin to begin healing and the hard spot to go away.

How do you calm a squeezed spot?

A: Squeezing a spot is like squeezing your hand into a fist, knuckles up and down. This could cause the nerves that travel from your elbow to your wrist to tingle and make you feel itchy or uncomfortable. To ease this sensation, spread out all of the fingers on both hands without bending any joints so they are palm-up with fingertips touching firmly together in front of them.

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