How to Hang a Picture Correctly

If you have ever hung a picture, then this guide is for you! It teaches the best way to hang pictures in order to avoid any damage or potential mistakes.

The “how to hang a large picture” is an article that will teach you how to hang a picture correctly. The first step is deciding where and how to hang the picture.

Vintage man hanging picture 1950s.

Nothing screams sterile and dull like blank walls if you’re wanting to create a good first impression with your property. A few pieces of masculine art or ugly images properly placed and exhibited can spice things up and allow you to show off some of your amazing personality. Even if you don’t like for wall art, your significant other probably does; it’s possible that being asked to put something up is the most popular “honey-do” in the world. Are you up to the challenge?

Knowing the essentials of wall hangings and where to hang prints on the wall, although not an exact science, can guarantee that your house has charm that will wow visiting dates and parents, as well as pleasure your main squeeze.

It’s a lot simpler to do this with two people, so grab your best gal or buddy and get started!

Select a Technique

Ways to hang picture nails, hook, wall plug anchor, toggle and bolt anchor.

Nails, picture hook, wall plug anchor, and toggle bolt anchor, from left to right.

You must decide how you will hang a painting before hanging it. This is based on three factors: the image’s size/weight, the hanging choices on the picture (wire, ring, sawtooth hanger, etc. ), and the wall material.

Standard nails or picture hanging hooks will suffice for most prints and most walls. Many experts advise using anchors when hanging any print on drywall without a stud, however I’ve hung a lot of prints with simply nails and never had a problem. The Monkey Hook is a newer alternative that requires no tools to install; just press it into the wall, and the giant hook lays on the back of the drywall, anchoring it in place. I haven’t tried them myself, but I’ve heard great things about them.

One nail/hook will frequently do for tiny prints; you may be able to get away with only one for medium-sized prints, but two nails/hooks will be more stable and likely to remain centered.

If you’re going into drywall without a stud, you’ll want to utilize an anchor for big posters or very hefty frames. Plastic wall plugs and heavy-duty toggle bolts are the two most common varieties. Toggle bolts have the highest load capacity, but they also do the greatest damage to your wall since you must first drill a large hole. If your hefty print is aligned with a stud (the 2x4s in the wall that can be identified using a stud finder), a heavy-duty nail will usually suffice.

You may also use 3M poster hangers for canvas paintings and other extremely lightweight images, which use either plastic hooks or velcro strips and don’t leave a mark on your walls. I also use them to hang pictures on brick walls instead of drilling into them.

Choosing the Best Location

Potrate art Hanging on wall.

One of the most often overlooked aspects of this procedure is deciding where to hang your painting. You must first choose which wall or place your picture will be displayed on. Measure across that area to determine the center and mark it with a pencil or painter’s tape.


The next step is to determine the height of the print on the wall, which is where many people go wrong. As a general rule, the print’s center should be at or near eye level. Because everyone’s eye level is different, most professionals refer to 60-65 inches as the standard. Make a note of this as well, and when you line it up with your horizontal midway point, you’ll know exactly where your print’s center should be.

If you’re putting up a gallery wall,

Hang picture gallery wall.

In our young boy’s nursery, we have a gallery wall. You’ll note that we spread the frames out rather equally for the most part. There are occasional exceptions, such as when a certain frame refuses to comply, but this approach enables you to be creative in designing the final form of your gallery. While the middle line is not positioned horizontally on the wall, it is vertically at eye level.

The wonderful thing about a gallery wall is that it allows for a bit more flexibility; the difficult aspect is that you have to arrange many images exactly so that they seem pulled together. When it comes to wall placement, experts advise considering the whole gallery as an one print. While you want the midpoint of your “unit” to be approximately eye-level, galleries don’t have to be centered horizontally if you’re trying for some artistic flare.

Galleries (or any arrangement of many pictures, for that matter) don’t have to be flawless, but keeping prints uniformly spaced from one another is a decent rule of thumb. They don’t have to be, but it’s a good rule to follow for most males. The majority of the prints in the gallery are uniformly spaced on both sides, however there are a number of instances where a specific frame wouldn’t comply. Just do your best, and if feasible, use a lady’s touch – they have a better eye for these things, or at the very least care more about the end outcome!

Cut out pieces of paper that perfectly match all of your frames to make things simpler. Lay out your complete gallery on the wall using painter’s tape before drilling any holes. Then, following the procedures explained below, proceed from one piece of paper to the next, replacing it with the genuine thing. It’s difficult to pull off, but the result is well worth it.

Placing the Painting

Now that you’ve found the ideal location, you’ll need to perform some further measuring and taping.

There are many ways for measuring and marking where your print will go, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. I’ve found that using painter’s tape to outline the top edge is the ideal combination of quick/easy and precise.

Marking wall with tape.

First, have your helpful assistant hold the photo up to the location you’ve agreed on — that is, position the center over the mark you made while deciding on placement. Then, along the top edge, use painter’s tape to cover the whole length of the frame and a little beyond. Place pencil markings on the tape to outline the frame’s edges once it’s in place.


Hang a picture on the wall measuring.

Then, along the horizontal plane, measure and mark where your nails/hooks will go. Measure the width of the frame and divide the difference if you’re just using one nail. My frame is a two-foot-long lightweight canvas, so I’ll make a mark at one foot. Divide the length in thirds if you’re using two nails.

Measuring Potrate Border.

After you’ve indicated that, you’ll need to measure down from the top of the frame to where the nail/hook will be on the print itself. Pull the wire tight if the print has one; if it has d-rings or sawtooth hangers, measure where the nail will go. It measured 1.5′′ on my canvas.

Marking Potrate Border on wall.

After that, it’s only a matter of measuring down from the midway point on your tape and hammering a nail or drilling for an anchor. Once the print is hung, check for evenness using a level (analog or on your phone – there are loads of wonderful apps!). After that, you can relax and enjoy a nicely hanging print!

Potrate art Hanging on wall.

What are your tips and strategies for hanging artwork on the wall?



Hang a picture on the wall correctly by first finding the studs. Then, use a level to make sure that the picture is hung at an angle. Reference: hanging pictures on wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the formula for hanging pictures?

A: To hang a picture from the bottom of a wall, you will need to measure how far down the wall is. Multiply that number by two and this should be your height for hanging pictures.

What is the proper height to hang a picture?

A: The proper height to hang a picture is the way it will look best when hung. If you want your pictures to be close enough together that theyre almost touching, then measure 16 inches off of the ground and find the right spot for each one.

How do you hang pictures perfectly every time?

A: The best way to hang pictures perfectly every time is by using a level. Hang the picture where you want it at eye-level and then measure from this spot down one inch, mark that point with tape or crayon on the wall, then move your marks up until they are even with each other. Then use another level and make sure that lines create right angles between them.

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